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Andy Liechty
Andy Liechty Sales Associate
Andy Liechty and Associates
100 Lakeview Drive
Noblesville, IN 46060

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Andy Liechty Sales Associate

Whenever I assist a client in relocating, buying, building, or selling a home my entire success is measured by one simple question: Does my work before during and after the deal excite my clients enough to share their exprience with others? These people do. Call or email me if you want to work with an agent that gets people talking! 

We honestly did not think we would be in a home for several more years because of our credit, debt and of course we are a family of six living on one income but we had some questions and he was the first person I thought of...When you are around Andy you feel safe, we realized right away that we could confide in him our financial situation and not be judged at all...and he proved that his words were true...Whether we were communicating on the phone, through e-mail or in person he always made us feel like were his most important clients...I cannot even express enough the peace of mind we had knowing Andy was there the whole way, looking out for us, going to bat for us and putting our needs first.Even a couple of months after we moved, there was Andy at our door step just so excited for us that we were able to get into our first home...-Michael and Laura, Anderson

'I could speak volumes for the service, expertise, patience, and encouragement that andy provided in the months where i shopped, stalled, sought after, and settled into my new home...qualities of a good realtor encompass more than just the ability to sell a house; attributes that stood out to me were the willingness to clarify the process to someone who is clueless, the patience he possesed for someone who drastically changed their mind several times, as well as the help he provided after the papers were signed and the deal was done. buying a house was close to one of the scarriest undertakings i have endeavored, and i am joyed to say that so much of the stress was allieviated because of andy and the work he did.- Krista, Indianapolis


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By Anne and Ryan, Noblesville
“Andy was a fabulous resource throughout the home buying process.  Hecontinually went above our expectations of a realtor.  We truly feltlike he was our friend and had our best interests in mind.  At thebeginning, we were uncertain of the process, but Andy put our minds atease by providing us with information on the market.  If he did not know the answer to something, he wouldn't rest until he found it.  He would listen to our needs and provide feedback and suggestions to us using his knowledge of real estate. House hunting should be a fun experience for everyone, and Andy made it that. I would definitely recommend Andy's services to any friend or family member. Andy's customer service was exceptional and I hope that everyone has a great of experience as we did.” 
By Zac, Carmel
"Andy provides the type of service that everyone promises but fewdeliver. His advice and counsel were invaluable. As a first time homebuyer I was particularly impressed by his knowledge and attention todetail. When I ran into problems at closing, Andy made sure everythingworked out without having to change my move in date. Whether you'rebuying or selling, I couldn't imagine a better person to have on your side."                        
By Kim and Duane, Fishers
“Andy was very attentive to us and eager to answer any of our questions. He would return phone calls and answer questions even if it was after normal business hours. His professional demeanor and service make me feel confident in referring him to both friends and family.”