What Our Agents Say

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"The management support is always there when you need it. Tucker supplies us with all the tools to make sure we are ahead of the rest."

-Lisa Kercheval Aerne

Lisa Kercheval Aerne

"Hands down, Tucker is the best real estate company in town! Best people, best marketing, best in support, etc. Simply the Best!"

-Dale Billman

Dale Billman

"I have not seen another company better than what I have as far as reputation and support. After 22 years with Tucker I am convinced there is nothing better."

-Mike Cagle

Mike Cagle

"Everyone is willing to help with support and advice. There is definitely a team spirit here that encourages everyone to succeed in their personal goals."

-Deb Castino

Deb Castino

"I have been selling real estate for Tucker for the past 12 years. I feel very smart and lucky that at 24 years of age I chose the #1 real estate company to start out with!"

-Andy Deemer

Andy Deemer

"The agents at Tucker are top quality, they are the best of the best! Clearly, Tucker agents are trained to work honestly and efficiently with everyone."

-Karen Hyde French

Karen Hyde French

"Upon joining the Tucker Company, I was able to double my business in just one year - from 6 million to 12 million."

-Mary Jane O'Brien

Mary Jane O'Brien

"We all work together to help one another - managers and owners included. The involvement and camaraderie of all is what makes Tucker better than the rest!"

-Opal Propes

Opal Propes

"After the best training in the industry, an agent needs help and assistance on a daily basis. Our support staff is the best, friendliest and most capable!"

-Patti Haney Richey

Patti Haney Richey

"Tucker has all the qualities that I require to be the kind of company that I call my place of business. The Tucker name represents professionalism."

-Gina L. Rininger

Gina L. Rininger

"The reputation of the company and the integrity of the people working at Tucker from the staff to the owners is priceless."

-John Stewart

John Stewart

"The loyalty and support of our owners and department staff as well as the vision of the company to stay at the top of the game cannot be beat!"

-John Story

John Story

"The Tucker Company is like family to me. There is always a strong feeling of caring and support. I wouldn't dream of leaving this great company!"

-Gene Tumbarello

Gene Tumbarello

"I love coming in the office every morning and knowing that other agents and staff are there for camaraderie. I really like the big office feeling!"

-Carl Vargas

Carl Vargas

"The people are great at Tucker! Anything you need as far as marketing tools are available at your fingertips. Tucker is the greatest!"

-Bif Ward

Bif Ward