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Blythe Burgess
Blythe Burgess REALTOR/Broker
2975 Erie Canal Road
Terre Haute, IN 47802

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Blythe Burgess REALTOR/Broker

As a third-generation Realtor, daughter of Angie Burch, granddaughter of Liz Bennett, I am excited to say that I have the knowledge and the background to help with all your real-estate needs. I serve the areas of Terre Haute, Sullivan and Clay County. I grew up in Terre Haute and am delighted to call it home. I am happily married to my husband Jason, who has supported me at every turn. I am a mother to our son Kaden who joined us in 2015 and has been blessing us with his smile ever since. As most young adults do here in our area, I started out in the restaurant industry and enjoyed my short stay there. I procured my property and casualty insurance license in 2013 and worked for one of the world’s largest companies.  Needing more time and flexibility with my growing family I decided in 2016 to reactivate my Real-estate license and join the F.C. Tucker Preferred Realtors team. I even made Rookie of the Year! I have a great passion for helping others achieve their dreams and guiding them through each step of their home buying or selling experience.