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Christopher Cupp
Christopher Cupp REALTOR®|Broker
195 N. Emerson Ave
Greenwood, IN 46143

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Christopher Cupp REALTOR®|Broker


Christopher Cupp, REALTOR®|Broker

Christopher Cupp eptomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative servise in every detail of your real estate transaction. Christopher served over 20 years in the Army that included 4 overseas deployments to Kuwait, Bosnia and twice in Iraq. Chistopher gained saled experience as a Army Recruiter by enlisting over 50 new Soldiers in the armed services in a three year period. As a successful recruiter, he found a passion for salesmanship and service to the public. After retiring from the service, Christopher has worked with every aspect of the residential real estate industry by represting both buyers and sellers. One of his main expertise is working with veterans that qualify for VA benefits. Even if you are not a veteran, he brings top notch service and expertise to the transaction. He has been married to his wife Holley for over 9 years and is devoted to Family and God. His motto is, "CREATE SOLUTIONS INSTEAD OF PROBLEMS."