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Cindy Kanyuh
Cindy Kanyuh Associate Broker
Kanyuh Realty Group
10188 E. US Hwy. 36
Avon, IN 46123

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Cindy Kanyuh Associate Broker

      “Do the right thing, even if no one is looking.”  That’s the definition of Integrity.  This is a moral that we, The Kanyuh Realty Group consider to be one of the most important in our business.  Working to help people with one of their biggest life investments is what we enjoy doing.   Selling your home is a very stressful, but exciting time!  Listing a house is a process, and having someone on your side that is honest and straightforward, enjoys their work and can help guide you through the selling process is critical to a successful and smooth transition. Buying a home is a process in itself.  Our goal is to educate you on the process, give you honest advice and make sure the you get the best deal possible.  We have you covered!

We have intentionally partnered with the F.C. Tucker Company due to their reputation in Central Indiana.  F.C. Tucker is the most successful real estate company in Indiana, due to the investments it makes in its people.  Agents in our company are required to do our jobs full time, which will benefit you.  We receive constant education on everything from the current market conditions and changes in real estate laws, to trends and marketing tips.  F.C. Tucker is committed to helping people throughout all phases of the real estate process by implementing services to assist people in the market to buy a new home, sell their existing home, and move all around the world.  Our marketing system is designed for today’s internet buyer and consistently outperforms our competitors.  

We look forward to a great working relationship, now and in the future.  Never hesitate to call us with any questions.  Feel free to phone us anytime, or contact us by text or email!  We are excited to start our journey together!



By Ron Truran
I had the occasion to meet Cindy early in 2013, when I began my search for a Condo in the Indianapolis, IN area.  I was living out of state at the time and Cindy was an excellent Partner with me for setting up visits during my trips to Indiana.  When I selected a Condo, Cindy was Very instrumental in suggesting things I never thought of when I was ready to make an offer.  I am sure that I would not have the house I have, nor all the purchase stipulations and improvements I received when I made my offer and subsequent purchase without Cindy Kanyuh's guidance and help.  You can not miss with Cindy, A Triple A+ Agent!
By Marty Hawkins, Hallmark Home Mortgage
I have enjoyed working with Cindy and would recommend anyone to obtain her services for any real estate need.  I respect her work ethic, professionalism, level of communication and dedication to her clients.  As good as it gets for real estate agents.
By Doug Stephenson
Cindy was always available and held our opinions and interests as a top priority.  She worked very hard at finding a house for us and was great negotiating our special requests to complete the sale.  Cindy was able to find the right buyer for our old house.  I think she did a great job on both the sale and purchase.