University Heights Academy

The University Heights Academy is a free public charter school that handles the education of students from Grades 6–12. The school is located in Indianapolis, and it offers a compelling alternative to the mainstream educational system. Thanks to its position in an urban area, the charter school has access to a number of resources that make it a rare opportunity for many families. The school calls itself a preparatory academy, and teachers introduce students to the concepts that will make them better able to contribute to universities and businesses across the country. Many students at University Heights earn their Associate’s Degrees while still enrolled.

The school takes only the best 250 students into its halls. The school believes that this small setup allows for students to reach their full potential, thanks to an individualized education model rather than a mass-marketed system. Teachers throughout the school do their best to achieve these goals. If you’d like to learn more about the southside of Indianapolis, simply talk to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors are highly knowledgeable, and they’ll be happy to tell you all that you need to know about homes for sale in the University Heights area.

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The school was founded on several important principles that are still evident in the way that students, teachers, and families interact with one another. Essentially, the grounding belief is that the mainstream education model does not serve the interests of all types of learners. Many of the teachers at University Heights have extensive experience in public schools, and they deeply believe that their model is far superior. The school was founded as Fountain Square Academy, but thanks to a recent move that brings it far closer to the University of Indianapolis, it was renamed as University Heights. The school serves students at no cost with public money coming from state and national levels.

Students at University Heights are challenged by courses that expect them to utilize critical thinking skills to a much greater degree than their public school counterparts. This is thanks to a small class size focus as well as an emphasis on individuality, one that can only be found at a charter school if its kind. Students have access to free transportation if they live in the Southeastern area of the city. In addition to classes, students at University Heights have the opportunity to participate in clubs, arts, and sports.

Many of the students from University Heights enroll in college courses at no cost. The proximity to the University of Indianapolis also gives administrators and educators better access to a number of valuable resources, such as professors with the University of Indianapolis. In addition to this, students at University Heights are encouraged to learn from each other, and plenty of positive social behaviors are reinforced through group assignments and creative free play time. As students get older, this free play continues in a more structured form with athletic coaches that impart valuable lessons in dedication, teamwork, leadership, and other indispensable qualities. By the time these students graduate, students are more than prepared for college.