Wes-Del Community School Corporation

The Wes-Del Community School Corporation was founded over fifty years ago. The corporation is governed by five board members who have prioritized technology education in recent years. It's becoming increasingly clear that successful students need to learn how to properly use laptops, tablets, and Internet programs in order to succeed in colleges and careers around the world. Students have the opportunity to participate using distance-learning programs and other educational initiatives.

Students at Wes-Del Schools are a friendly and welcoming bunch, known for their motivated spirits and open attitudes. This is fostered by the teachers and administrators at each school who do their best to ensure that students learn in a safe and welcoming environment. If you'd like your children to learn here, consider making a move to Gaston. Your children will attend an “A” rated school system that regularly receives top reviews from state reviewers. Talk to a Tucker realtor today to learn about homes for sale in this area.

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Wes-Del Elementary School

Students at Wes-Del Elementary are able to learn from a motivated staff of certified teaching professionals who do their very best to inspire children on an individual level. As a result of their efforts, the school year is packed with activities that allow students to express their creativity in fun ways. For example, Camp Adventures, a book club, and a carnival open to the community are just a few of the activities provided throughout the year.

Students enjoy these activities because they get to participate in group work and play. At the same time, they pick up valuable communication skills that prepare them for life far beyond the scope of elementary school. While in class, students learn reading, writing, and arithmetic from both teachers and via computer programs. This focus on technology prepares them for life outside of school, and it also tends to be quite enjoyable for young learners.

Wes-Del Middle/High School

The mission of Wes-Del Middle/High School is to prepare students for the real world by reaching them through their strengths as well as their weaknesses. The school aims at developing lifelong learning habits in students at an early age, so that when they are faced with both academic and personal challenges, they will be equipped with the tools necessary to find innovative and creative solutions that are true to each student.

Students are also encouraged to promote respect in their day-to-day interactions, and bullying is not tolerated at any time. Students play and learn in arts classes, athletics, clubs, and other interactive activities that make school interesting and adventurous. Many of the students from Wes-Del continue to play sports at the college level. Some of the most popular athletic programs at Wes-Del include basketball, baseball, cross country, volleyball, golf, football, wrestling, softball, track and field, and volleyball.

To learn more about Wes-Del Community Schools or homes for sale in the Gaston area, talk to a Tucker realtor today.