Homes for Sale in Hobbs, Indiana

Hobbs is a small community located near Kokomo in central Indiana. This town is populated by residents who enjoy the simple things in life without the need for the stress of the city. Surrounded by green pastures that bring in an ample harvest each fall, Hobbs is a beautiful place at any time of year. Harvest time is a truly special time of the year with a brisk wind in the air, colors falling from every tree, and the flavors of the holiday wafting through the breeze.

Hobbs sits along State Road 28 near the junction with State Road 213. Hobbs is secluded yet not far from other cities including Tipton, Elwood, and Kokomo. I-69 lies about a half hour east of town. While Hobbs is a peaceful place, Indianapolis is only about an hour away, making it an easy day trip to the city for an afternoon or evening. There's nothing quite like returning from the speed of the city to settle into the quiet tranquility of Hobbs.

If you're looking to enjoy a slow pace without giving up access to the excitement of the big city, consider planning a move to Hobbs. To find out more, simply talk to a Tucker realtor. Tucker realtors are highly knowledgeable when it comes to local housing trends, and they will be more than happy to tell you all you need to know about homes for sale in Hobbs. With their expert knowledge on your side, the perfect home is never far away.

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Hobbs Area Homes

Hobbs is a simple place, and you won't find any overly extravagant homes here. What you will find are sturdily built dwellings that provide warmth in winter and shade in summer with plenty of yard space for kids to explore and play. Hobbs' homes have a classic small-town feel to them with many different eras represented. If you have a favorite construction style, simply mention it to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors will be able to select you a home that satisfies your needs and suits your wants.

Shopping and Dining

When Hobbs' residents need to go shopping, they simply head to Tipton or Elwood, which both lie on State Road 28, Tipton to the west and Elwood to the east. Both of these cities are filled with a diverse array of stores where you can find everything from the basics to frivolities. Some local favorites include Goldsberry's Flower Shop, Main Treasures, and Golden Threads.

Restaurants are more of the same. You'll find that Hobbs and the surrounding towns give new meaning to the term “Hoosier Hospitality.” It seems that no matter where you go in this part of Indiana, you'll be greeted with a smile. Some local favorites include Faye's Northside Restaurant and Jim Dandy, both located in nearby Tipton. Both of these establishments serve up generous portions at affordable prices. Another favorite is the Pizza Shack, which has everything from specialty pies to grilled chicken and salads.

Culture and Entertainment

When Hobbs residents have time off, a number of leisure activities are within an hour’s drive. Taylor Wilderness is a favorite among outdoor lovers. It's located next to Taylor University, a way to preserve some of Indiana's natural habitat to foster growth and education among those looking to further their academic learning. The Wilderness offers a number of different hiking trails and campgrounds. Branch Creek runs through part of the region, supplying water for thirsty plants and great bankside views.

If you like golf, then you're in luck. The Cattails Golf Club lies just a few minutes east of Hobbs in Elwood. This golf club is located on beautiful land with green trees that are only matched by the color of the course. It’s a great place to work on your swing and work off the stress of the week.

Of course, if you want big-time productions, the best place to go is Indianapolis. The city is Indiana's urban center, and it offers an impressive array of cultural events. First, there are the races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, which bring in some of the world's best drivers. Then there's the busy concert schedule with everything from jazz and blues to electronic music and rock. Many museums, galleries, and other such venues provide ample access to a thriving arts community. Great restaurants and shopping fill in the rest. There's something for everyone in Indianapolis.

Careers and Industry

Hobbs is located among fertile green field that bear fruit each harvest. These fields supply many of Hobbs' residents with their food and their paycheck. There is always an interest in trained farm labor in this area, and mechanical expertise is always appreciated. However, if these aren't your career choices, there's no need to worry. Thanks to the proximity of Tipton, Elwood, and Kokomo, a diverse array of careers are just a short drive away. Your Tucker realtor may be able to find you a home that cuts down on your commute time.


Hobbs' students attend classes in Elwood as part of the Elwood Community Schools District. The Elwood schools include Washington Elementary, Elwood Junior High, and Elwood Community High. Students from Hobbs meet other students from Elwood and other towns while learning and building up valuable social skills. In high school, students have the option of participating in varsity sports, arts, and civics in addition to working their way through a rigorous academic schedule. By the time these students graduate, they are prepared for college and careers.