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Julie Costley
Julie Costley REALTOR/Broker
487 S. Clarizz Blvd
Bloomington, IN 47401

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Julie Costley REALTOR/Broker

Owner and president of Costley & Company Rental Management, Inc. since 1993, has been managing rental rentals in Bloomington for over 25 years. She is a member of the Bloomington Board of REALTORS, Indiana Association of REALTORS, and National Association of REALTORS and has also been an associate in sales with F.C. Tucker/OBR, REALTORS in Bloomington since its inception in 1989. Costley & Company Rental Management, Inc. offers a full range of management services and manages nearly 500 properties in the Bloomington area - to include student and family housing and condominium management.

  • With over 35 years experience in the property management field, Julie Costley is well known and respected in the community. As president of Costley & Company Rental Management, Inc. since its incorporation in 1993, her goal is to provide quality rental housing for both students and families in the Bloomington community. Management services offered include condominium association management and home and apartment rentals, large and small.
  • Julie has been a resident of Bloomington since moving here from Northern Indiana in 1970 while attending Indiana University. Holding a real estate license since 1973, she has a great deal of experience in real estate sales and management. She has been a Broker associate of F.C. Tucker since its inception and also owns Costley & Company Rental Management, Inc., a successful property management firm specializing in the leasing and management of over 500 properties in the Bloomington area.