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Kane Lauck
Kane Lauck REALTOR & CMO
Matt McLaughlin & Associates
9279 N. Meridian Street
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Kane Lauck REALTOR & CMO

Buying or selling a home is something buyers and sellers do with purpose. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, in need of more space for your growing family, downsizing as empty nesters, or simply looking to capitalize on an increase in the value of your home, I have successfully helped clients achieve their goals in all of these scenarios. My expertise with the Indiana home market and my keen negotiation skills ensure you’ll end up in a better situation than where you started. Every client I take on gets the same level of professional treatment, a no-rush experience that is purely advisory. I'm not here to sell you something, I'm here to help you. Call me today, I know we can do great things with Real Estate!

The homes featured on are chosen because they are desirable and will sell quickly. I want to keep you informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to Real Estate in Indiana. If these homes don’t suit your needs please reach out to me and I’ll start a custom search for you, utilizing the same techniques I employ to find these spectacular homes, but tailored to your individual necessities.

Buyer Tip:
Did you know that FC Tucker is the #1 Real Estate brokerage in Indiana? Did you also know that FC Tucker restricts its listings from showing up on Zillow? Yes, this is true! Zillow is not a brokerage and is not held to the same legal standards of data accuracy that we like to maintain for our Broker Listing Cooperative, or BLC (similarly known as a Multiple Listing Service, MLS, in other areas). When you’re using Zillow to search for homes you’re missing out on 30-40% of the listings that are available in Indiana at any given time! Furthermore, Zillow's "zestimates" may be a good ballpark figure of value, but they are generated by a computer algorithm that does not have any means of visiting a property and truly knowing it's condition. Upgrades, neighborhood characteristics, quality of craftsmanship and upkeep all play a huge role in the true value of a home. Only by visiting a property in person can you discover these things. Use a licensed Realtor to help you make an informed offer, in turn ensuring your home will increase in value, not decrease, during the time that you own it.

Seller Tip:
Did you know the average For Sale By Owner (FSBO) home misses out on 18% of its value, having been undervalued by the seller? Almost any buyer you find is going to have representation of their own. Buyers know a Buyer’s Agent is usually free to them. Who pays that Buyer's Agent to bring you a buyer? You do! That Realtor is going to try to negotiate around 3% of the sale price in commission, possibly more since he/she is going to have to do the legwork of a Seller’s Agent as well. Not only are you not going to be represented, you’re only saving around 3 to 4% in commission costs, and likely losing substantially more by underpricing your home and exposing yourself to possibly litigious inspection issues if not handled properly! Using a professional to represent you is a no-brainer and well worth the cost.

Call me today, I’m confident we can do great things with Real Estate!
Thank you for your time.

Kane Lauck

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