Homes for Sale in Kempton, Indiana

Kempton is a small yet welcoming town in Tipton County, located in central Indiana. Kempton's history dates back to 1875 when it was founded as a result of the construction of the Lake Erie and Western Railroad. Railroad towns have a history of bringing commerce to the neighboring countryside, and this was Kempton's role for many years. Kempton has a history of manufacturing with tile making, canning, and milling being major economic contributors in its early years. Today, Kempton is a peaceful and quiet place where the community comes together over life's simple pleasures.

Kempton is located east of US-31. While it doesn't sit near any major highways, it's also not isolated, since Indianapolis lies just a short 45 minutes drive to the south. Nearby towns like Frankfort and Tipton give Kempton's residents access to other small-town communities. Other than Indianapolis, Kempton residents often turn to Kokomo for their urban needs.

If you're considering a move to a classic small town, Kempton should be at the top of your list. Kempton's residents are a happy and welcoming bunch, and they are known for making visitors and newcomers feel like old friends. If you're interested in learning more about the area, talk to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors are highly knowledgeable, and they'll be happy to tell you all you need to know about homes for sale in Kempton. With their expertise at your back, you'll have no problem finding the perfect home for you and your family.

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Kempton October 22, 2018
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Homes in the Kempton Area

Kempton has a historic past, and as a result of this, there are many buildings with character in town. However, thanks to the proud heart of Kempton residents, these buildings are kept in good repair. They are combined with many newer constructions that have been added to the town over the years. When walking through the streets, you can find the marks of many different architectural eras left on walls and facades. Kempton attracts people who are happy with solid quality, and many homes provide fine insulation against both cold and heat. If you have a specific look in mind, make sure to mention it to a Tucker realtor. One of our realtors will be sure to point you toward a home that suits your needs and satisfies your wants.

Shopping and Dining

When Kempton's citizens need to go shopping, many head over to nearby Tipton. Tipton has a variety of stores and shops. Because of this, many of Kempton's residents are able to find all they need after the short drive. You can find everything from supermarkets to discount stores in Tipton. Some local favorites include gift shops, jewelers, butchers shops, and more. In short there is something for anyone and everyone in Tipton.

The same can be said of the restaurant scene. National brands and homegrown diners stand side by side, vying for the business of visitors and residents alike. From fresh-made pizza to fast food Mexican, the options are endless. The region is known for its barbeque, and many classic American restaurants serve up fine grilled meats and veggies fresh from the field. In addition to these choices, saloons and bars keep the late night scene going.

Culture and Entertainment

When Kempton residents get some free time, many head in to Indianapolis for the night or weekend. Indianapolis boasts options galore. As Indiana's finest metropolis, the city offers something for nearly every taste. There's plenty of art complete with top museums, concert halls, and galleries hosting both new and classic takes in a number of different styles and mediums.

Music fans are able to enjoy great jazz and blues along with plenty of popular music. Sports fans head to the Lucas Oil Stadium for Colts games. Many also head to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to catch some of the greatest drivers in the world. There is also plenty for kids to do in Indianapolis. The world's largest children's museum lies within its city limits as do numerous parks and playgrounds. And with over 170 community gardens, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and get involved.

Many Kempton residents choose to head north for the weekend with the shores of Lake Michigan beckoning during the hot summer months. With beautiful beaches and a thriving cultural scene inspired by the natural scenery, the beach towns of Lake Michigan are the perfect response to July and August heat. And at the end of the trip, Kempton is still there, peaceful as ever.

Careers and Industry

Kempton is mostly an agricultural town with many people employed in the farms and fields surrounding the town. Trained farm labor is always in demand in places like Kempton and skilled mechanical expertise is always in need and is required for the upkeep and repair of massive farm equipment. If these aren't your areas of expertise, however, Kokomo is just a short drive away. There are many other careers thriving in Kokomo.


Students in Kempton attend the nearby Clinton Central Schools. They start at Clinton Central Elementary where they meet fellow learners from other small towns, picking up valuable social skills. Then, at Clinton Central Junior/Senior High, students are able to complete the last steps of their K–12 years, and by the time they graduate, they are more than ready for the challenges that come in college and in their careers.