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Lara Cutshall
Lara Cutshall REALTOR
487 S. Clarizz Blvd
Bloomington, IN 47401

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Lara Cutshall REALTOR

A Bloomington native, Lara serves the community in many ways. She grew up In Bloomington and returned to attend Indiana University Maurer school Of Law and hasn't left Bloomington since! Lara practiced law for nine years at local firm Bunger & Robertson and honed her skills as a critical thinker, good listener and overall problem solver. Lara has helped manage her family investments in local businesses and real estate over a period of fifteen years and developed a love for real estate. Lara will share her experiences to assist her clients in all their real estate needs whether it is selling, buying or relocating.

When she isn’t shuttling her children around to hockey, soccer and piano, Lara loves to be outdoors either running, hiking or walking her dog George. She also spends time volunteering at Rogers and Binford Elementary schools and is a grant writer for My Sister’s Closet.