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Matt King
Matt King REALTOR/Broker
9277 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260

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Matt King REALTOR/Broker

Matt is ranked in the TOP 1% of Indianapolis Realtor/Brokers for production and it's easy to see why. His work ethic, knowledge, and authentic approach turns his many clients into loyal friends and advocates. Trust, discretion, and honest communication are hallmarks of how Matt runs his business.

Matt came to FC Tucker with 20 years of FORTUNE 500 executive leadership experience and currently serves on numerous boards and organizations across the city.

Matt lives on the north side of Indianapolis and is known as an expert of Indianapolis' many neighborhoods and valuations.

Woodstock Club, Vice President & Board of Directors (Current)
IU Simon Cancer Center, Patient Advisory Board (Current)
Outrun The Sun, Board of Directors (Current)
Jill Orme Foundation, Tindley School, Board of Directions (Current)
Boston Scientific Corp, Sales/Marketing Executive
Hormel Foods Corp, Sales/Marketing Executive

Indiana University, Kelley School of Business
Cathedral High School
Park Tudor School
School 84 Center for Inquiry