Homes for Sale in Milltown, Indiana

As a rural town nestled along the winding curves of the Blue River just east of the sweeping Hoosier National Forest and a bit north of Harrison-Crawford State Forest, Milltown offers home buyers a convenient setting to explore southern Indiana. As one might guess from the name of the town, the immediate countryside around Milltown is also distinctly pastoral, featuring picturesque fields. It is an outdoor enthusiast's and environmentalist's dream.

It promises an idyllic haven for those looking to live away from the increasingly fast-paced world and in a community backed by simple ideals and strong traditions. Those who reside in Milltown enjoy welcoming neighbors but also ample lots and tree-lined streets to secure their privacy.

When and if the lure of urban society does beckon, Milltown residents enjoy easy access to nearby Louisville, just 30 miles away to the east by way of State Road 64, which cuts conveniently through the north end of town. Such proximity helps bolster the economy of the region around Milltown, which relies heavily on tourists from the metropolitan areas.

If the notion of a life in Milltown seems like what you have in mind, a call to Tucker can help you explore that option further. Tucker offers advantageous experience and knowledge of this area, which can help turn an often frustrating process into one of joyful discovery and a lasting fulfillment.

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Milltown Area Homes

Homes in Milltown run the gamut of what you'd expect of a town of its size and history. Here, you'll find homes with history built in older styles, full of cozy charm and a welcoming, lived-in appeal. But you'll also find more modern constructions, offering unique spaces and updated amenities. Both can be found on large and small lots, on the outskirts of town where quiet abounds, or in the town center with friendly neighbors, and the town's few commercial district is within walking distance. A Tucker realtor can help narrow the focus of what you're looking for in a house and search out options that meet your preferences head-on.

Shopping and Dining

Milltown offers a few shopping options where Milltown residents can meet most basic necessities including service shops and general stores. You can also find small restaurants in town for a quick bite to eat. However, for more varied and modern options, most homeowners head to surrounding communities where they can find anything they're looking for just a few miles away. Within the immediate area, the county seat of Corydon is the most obvious option. However, the urban shopping experiences of Louisville are also within convenient driving distance. Louisville boasts posh malls and thriving commercial districts waiting to be explored. You'll also find a range of dining options to satiate any craving.

Culture and Entertainment

Living in Milltown means ample opportunity to explore nature. The Blue River traverses southward through town, offering residents easy access to excellent fishing. Nearby, the Hoosier National Forest provides over 200,000 acres of protected lands to explore, which includes numerous campgrounds and trails. Communities surrounding the area cater to this tourism, thus providing further outlets for those craving recreation including fairs and festivals. Though smaller by far, Harrison-Crawford State Forest, home to O'Bannon State Park, offers more of the same preserved forested areas to the south and rests along the Ohio River. Milltown residents can also enjoy excellent boating and fishing opportunities there.

While Milltown is short on in-town commercial entertainment, nearby communities more than make up for that shortage. Corydon offers theaters for performing arts and cinemas for first-run movies. Golf courses, notably the Corydon Country Club, offer more recreational opportunities. Corydon also features several historical buildings and landmarks, having been established in 1808, and even served as the first capital of Indiana.

Of course, for those looking for more diverse entertainment options, Louisville, Kentucky is the obvious destination of choice for homeowners in Milltown. Louisville hosts several annual cultural events aside from the Kentucky Derby. Music and arts festivals alone pull in hundreds of thousands of visitors to city each year. Louisville also offers many venues for live music, whether you're looking for a national tour or something more low key. Performance arts theaters, museums, galleries, and many historic sites also make the short drive to the city well worth it.

Careers and Industry

Despite its seemingly remote location, Milltown and Harrison County enjoy a diverse economy. Automobile parts manufacturing is prevalent along with the agricultural focus on corn and soybeans. Several communities near Milltown offer retail and service positions. Nearby Harrison County Hospital and many smaller clinics and facilities offer a variety of healthcare opportunities.

Tourism, on account of nearby Hoosier National Forest, Harrison-Crawford State Forest, and the Ohio River to the south, also means jobs in leisure, entertainment, and forestry for those willing to tackle a short commute. Numerous hotels and resorts take advantage of the natural bounties the region has to offer.

Realistically, an ambitious commuter looking to enjoy Milltown's idyllic lifestyle while taking advantage of urban economic opportunities could even make the drive to the Louisville area. If you intend to commute, be sure and bring that up with your Tucker realtor while house hunting, and they may be able to locate prospective homes in Milltown to limit your time on the road.


The education of Milltown's public school students is overseen by the Crawford County Schools Corporation. While the district is centralized in neighboring Marengo, primary school students will be able to stick close to home at Milltown Elementary. Its local location and small size makes it easy for parents to take an active role in their child's early learning years. After finishing elementary school, Milltown's children come together with other children from neighboring communities at Crawford County Junior-Senior High School.

There, they are given the benefit of a challenging, progressive curriculum backed by computerized learning opportunities. This ensures they are well suited to succeed in a world that is increasingly techno-centric without sacrificing traditional educational values. They also benefit from numerous extracurricular options including athletics, academic clubs, and community service.