Northwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby County

The schools of Northwestern Consolidated Schools of Shelby County, locally known as Triton Central Schools, are known for their continued success, especially when it comes to the sciences. The schools here regularly receive top marks from the Indiana Department of Education, earning “A” ratings at all schools in recent years. Students at the schools enjoy a 1:1 computer-to-student ratio, which is part of a broader initiative to prepare students for the digital age through technology programs that improve digital literacy. These skills result in graduates who are more than ready for universities around the nation.

The school district's educators do their very best to provide individual learning experiences for each child. This goal is achieved through a commitment to low class sizes and a solid dedication to positivity while at school thanks to a strict anti-bullying policy. To learn more about the housing market in Shelby County, simply speak to a Tucker realtor. One of our realtors will be more than happy to help you find the right home for you and your family.

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Triton Central Elementary School

The students of Triton Central Elementary School strive to do their best every day and are motivated by a talented and compassionate team of professional educators who are more than happy to empower each student to reach their full potential. This potential is realized through a focus on literacy in the younger grades, and students are encouraged to develop personal reading habits that will prepare them for the challenges of future years. Once equipped with the basics, students are encouraged to follow their interests and stay motivated through a natural love of learning.

Triton Central Middle School

At Triton Central Middle School, students of all ability levels come together in a positive and cohesive social environment. The school implements a 1:1 technology program that gives students access to computers so that they will be familiar with the technology that will drive the future of business and academic life. The school's high ISTEP ratings are a testament to the success of these policies. With these skills on hand, students are more than ready for the challenges of the digital age.

Triton Central High School

The students, artists, and athletes of Triton Central High School are known for their consistent ability to outperform expectations. This has earned the school the highly coveted Four Star award from state reviewers, a difficult feat indeed. The school's highly advanced classes often give students the ability to complete college credit while still in high school. In addition to these academic programs in place, expansive athletic programs motivate students to come together in true school spirit. Some of the sports teams students can choose from include football, cheerleading, basketball, cross country, track and field, tennis, wrestling, golf, volleyball, and soccer.

To learn more about the Triton Central Schools or homes for sale in the Fairland area, talk to a Tucker realtor today.