Homes for Sale in Onward, Indiana

For those looking to take small-town living to the extreme, it doesn't get much more rural than the little town of Onward. This community is perfect for those looking to escape away from the bustle of busier areas in order to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle. Those living in Onward are blessed with wide open spaces and tree-lined streets. Adding to its pastoral appeal, the land around Onward is rife with fertile farmlands where America's heartland thrives. And while neighbors might be a tad sparse, the community as whole is very welcoming, perhaps because of its life surrounded by such charming natural landscapes.

And yet, despite the sense of idyllic seclusion, homeowners in Onward are never far away from modern conveniences. This little community is uniquely situated along U.S-24, an important transportation corridor offering access to much larger communities. Logansport is to its western side, and Peru lies on its eastern side. Traveling a few miles south via either US-35 or US-31 is the city of Kokomo, providing yet another convenient economic and commercial hub within easy reach.

If you’re in search of a home for sale in Onward that offers an abundance of peace and quiet but isn't too far from the convenience of larger cities, then this community is worth a look. A call to Tucker can provide you with a thorough introduction into this area. The advantages of Tucker realtor’s considerable resources and experience should make it easy to decide if Onward is the community for you.

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Onward Area Homes

While home shoppers in Onward have a lot to consider, most homes you'll find offer large lots, tree-lined streets, and plenty of privacy. The town leaves only the faintest impression of a Main Street community and is far more prone to wide open lots than closely packed dwellings. Despite its rural nature, homes also come in an abundance of classic and modern styles from which to choose from including ranch-style homes. If you have location preferences, concerns about commuting, or ideas on house styles you'd like to explore, talk to your Tucker realtor. They can help you sort through the possibilities in the area and find a match to suit your tastes.

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to commercial needs, residents of Onward can choose between Logansport, Peru, and Kokomo. Logansport and Peru are both just over ten miles from town, albeit in opposite directions on US-24 while Kokomo is just under 20 miles to the south. All three cities offer grocery stores, department stores, specialty stores, and service shops. Peru is the smallest of the three while Kokomo is by far the largest. It is home to Markland Mall and the Kokomo Town Center as well its popular downtown area that is home to numerous quaint, locally owned shops and eateries.

All three locations offer diverse dining options as well. This includes cafes, family-style restaurants, pubs, fast food, and ethnic places to eat.

Culture and Entertainment

Recreational activities in Onward are quite often limited to enjoying your natural surroundings or perhaps relaxing on your porch with a good book. For more diverse cultural and entertainment options, look first to Kokomo.

Kokomo is home to the Seiberling Mansion that is found in the historic Old Silk Stocking Neighborhood. This stunning piece of architecture along with its neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places and houses the Howard County Historical Society. Kokomo also has several beautifully maintained parks including Foster Park where the Kokomo Performing Arts Pavilion hosts a popular summer concert series.

Several athletic fields and facilities provide further recreational activity including golf courses and country clubs. The Kokomo Speedway offers racing events. Kokomo also offers a thriving nightlife scene and boasts several modern cinemas and performance arts venues.

Of course, Logansport is also a convenient entertainment alternative. This city is home to the McHale Performing Arts Center, considered to be one of the top fine arts facilities in the state and also includes a thriving arts scene. The latter is bolstered by the oldest arts organization in Indiana, the Logansport Art Association, which offers gallery shows and classes in its arts center. True to its cultured inclinations, Logansport hosts several festivals throughout the year featuring music, arts, and cuisine.

Careers and Industry

While Onward is a fantastic place to live, most residents use it as a community perfect for commuting from to regional employment opportunities. And with three sizeable economic hubs just miles away, those opportunities are plentiful. Because of its unique geographic position on a whole, Onward residents enjoy a diverse and stable jobs economy. Major employment sectors include healthcare, education, manufacturing, and retail. Being a largely rural area, jobs in agriculture can also be found here in addition to distribution, warehousing, and food processing. If you intend to work outside of Onward, your Tucker realtor may be able to help you select a home that cuts down on your drive time.


School-aged students living in Onward can enroll in the Southeastern School District. This district is managed out of Walton just southwest of Onward and oversees education for several small towns in the area.

Thompson Elementary School provides education to primary school students with a focus on instilling a love of learning at an early age and ensuring ample chances for parental inclusion. The elementary school feeds into Lewis Cass JR./SR. High School. Students there enjoy increased choices in their education and an advanced curriculum backed by technologies integration. As a 1:1 school, the high school puts learning technologies in the hands of all of its students via its lending program, giving them the advantage of global and personalized learning opportunities. Advanced placement, vocational, and fine arts classes are all offered to help students prepare for their post-secondary lives. Rounding out their education are athletic and academic clubs as well as community service opportunities.

Numerous private schools can also be found in the area. If you intend to explore these options, mention this to your Tucker realtor since they can help advise you on homes to assist with the commute.