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Peter Dykema
Peter Dykema Sales Associate
10 North First Street
Zionsville, IN 46077

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Peter Dykema Sales Associate

Tucker's best agent.

This is not a one shot deal.  I am building relationships for life!  Just let me know how I can help you.

Call today for free pricing of your home, or for market information.

A Zionsville resident 30 years, native of Indy, married for 30 years, with 4 exceptional children, live on a farm and enjoy all outdoor activities.

Member of Zionsville Fellowship, follower of Jesus Christ.

Experience as lumberjack, guitar picker, bareback bronc rider, ski bum, pilot, cliff diver, back country guide, riding to hounds.

Computer geologist in Alaskan petroleum exploration.

By Steve & Christine Loughery
   The results we obtained confirmed that we made the BEST choice in hiring you and your team...Professionalisn to the highest degree! 
By Tom & MaryAnn Kolp
   Our lives have been truly blessed by having you a part of getting our house sold. 
By Drew Kogan
   Pete Dykema is the hardest working realtor in Zionsville.