About Us

For all of your relocation needs, call our award winning Relocation Department at 1-888-999-8768, seven days a week, 8:00am to 7:00pm. Our Corporate Services staff has been carefully selected for experience in relocation and real estate. We understand the needs and concerns of transferees and their families. We provide a specialized approach to all the needs of the transferee and the corporation.

Beth Graham, VP of Relocation & Business Services
Phone: 317-472-2955
Email: bgraham@talktotucker.com
Role: Relocation & E-Business Management

Valerie Hayes, Business Services Manager
Phone: 317-472-2627
Email: vhayes@talktotucker.com
Role: Day-to-Day Department Operations & Home Services Vendor Management


Jeanne Farrell, Senior Home Sale Relocation Specialist
Phone: 317-472-2961
Email: jfarrell@talktotucker.com
Role: Third-Party Listing Management

Katie Hughes, Broker to Broker Coordinator & Customer Care Supervisor
Phone: 317-472-2964
Email: referrals@talktotucker.com
Role: Outgoing/Incoming Referrals & Customer Care Concerns

Krystyna Kovach, Home Find Relocation Specialist
Phone: 317-472-2953
Email: krystyna@talktotucker.com
Role: Third-Party Buyer Management

Sandi Cook, Corporate Recruitment & Relocation Manager
Phone: 317-713-6236
Email: scook@talktotucker.com
Role: Capturing & fostering Tucker Relocation Corporate Business

Sharon Vernon, Home Sale Relocation Coordinator
Phone: 317-472-2965
Email: sharonv@talktotucker.com
Role: Third-Party Listing Management

Customer Care

Kimberly Pritchard, Customer Care Coordinator
Phone: 317-472-2662
Email: tuckercustomercare2@talktotucker.com
Role: E-business Lead Management and Home Services Vendor Recommendations

Kristin Hartz, Customer Care Coordinator
Phone: 317-472-2640
Email: tuckercustomercare3@talktotucker.com
Role: E-business Lead Management and Home Services Vendor Recommendations