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Richard Denham
Richard Denham REALTOR/Broker
1216 South Third Street
Terre Haute, IN 47802

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Richard Denham REALTOR/Broker

Richard Denham is a native of southern Illinois and has moved recently to Terre Haute from Vincennes. Richard’s wife Angie is the Area Coach of Wabash Valley Pizza Hut. Richard and his wife have four children: Tasa, Smantha, Todd and Travis plus twelve grandchildren and Dog Abby, a Yorkiejack, who is head of household. Richard’s favorite hobby is fishing. Richard was in the office equipment business for over 25 years before acquiring his real estate license.

F.C. Tucker Preferred Realtors is proud to have Richard as a Team member. Richard looks forward to helping you and your friends with all of your real estate needs with customer service, honesty and dedication.