Homes for Sale in Richland, Indiana

If you're looking for some serious rural peace and quiet, buying a home in Richland will offer you that and then some. This tiny, unincorporated town found on the outskirts of the county seat Rushville offers a setting of serene, agrarian beauty, dotted with ample lots and classic farm-style houses. While neighbors are few and far between, you'll find in Richland a welcoming community, and in nearby Rushville, a convenient and hospitable outlet for work and play.

Despite its location smack in the middle of the Hoosier Heartland, Richland is also less than 50 miles away from Indianapolis and only 75 miles from Cincinnati, Ohio, with direct access to both via US-52. This places residents along an important transportation hub, convenient to both.

At Tucker we are perfectly positioned to introduce you to this hidden, bucolic gem. With ample knowledge of both this town and the surrounding towns that make up the county at large, we have the resources and community connections to make your exploration of this housing market both enjoyable and rewarding.

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Richland October 23, 2018
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Richland Area Homes

Near the center of town, you'll find a more wooded area, offering shaded properties. Most of the lots in Richland border farmland. Within this community, you can expect to find many classic older homes including farmhouses with architectural styles popular throughout the past several decades.

Most of the properties in Richland rest along its main thoroughfare, State Road 244, which cuts across the center of town, providing access to US-52 along its northeast corner and Interstate 74, which runs a few miles west of town. The routes makes commuting to larger outside towns quick and convenient, whether you're headed north to neighboring Rushville (the county seat of Rush County) or the much larger town of Shelbyville, a few miles further to the west.

Whether you have stylistic preferences or commuting needs, be sure and mention those to your Tucker realtor. We can help narrow down the best option and help you move into a beautiful Richland home.

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to filling the pantry, it’s a generally accepted fact of life in Richland that you'll need to make a trip outside of town. Usually, this simply means a quick drive to Rushville. There, you'll find supermarkets, retail outlets, and national department stores for quick, one-stop shopping. You'll also find many smaller shops and venues, primarily along State Road 3, which cuts north-south through Rushville. Downtown Rushville lies around the intersection of US-52, State Road 3, and State Road 44. These areas also offer an eclectic selection of culinary establishments for a bite out, including cafes, pubs, pizzerias, and ethnic options.

Shelbyville, 20 miles west of Richland, hosts an even more flourishing commercial milieu. Malls and plazas promise diverse shopping excursions, and Shelbyville's downtown district is rife with quaint locally owned establishments including a tempting culinary landscape.

Culture and Entertainment

Outside of enjoying a good book on your front porch, looking for some convenient entertainment options while living in Richland usually means heading to Rushville or Shelbyville. Rushville is the smaller of the two but sits waiting to be explored just to the north of Richland. Rushville is full of small-town charm including parks and community centers for play. It’s big on paying respect to its rural Indiana heritage through a variety of traditions like cultural events and festivals. Small venues such as the Rush County Players provide places to take in community theater and live music.

Shelbyville provides similar offerings, but on a much larger scale and a few miles further away. The city is rife with beautifully maintained parks, athletic fields, and private golf courses. Shelbyville promises an exciting nightlife with a strong tavern scene offering live music and karaoke. You'll also find both an indoor and outdoor cinema in Shelbyville for watching first-run movies.

A day-trip to the sprawling metropolitan playground of Indianapolis is also more than doable since the city is just an hour's drive away to the northwest. There you'll find a strong recreational and arts scene built around seven designated cultural districts, each with their own distinct feel and eclectic offerings.

Monuments, historical architecture, galleries, museums, and venues for hosting professional theater and national concert tours are prevalent throughout the city. Of course, sports fans will also enjoy a trip to the city to catch the Indianapolis Colts or Indiana Pacers play.

Careers and Industry

Richland is perched in the midst of Indiana's heartland, and with numerous farms in and around it, agricultural naturally figures prominently in the economic health and jobs market of Richland. Skilled farm workers and machinists should find ample work opportunities throughout the year.

Several industrial parks can also be found within commuting distance to Richland, offering jobs in manufacturing and technology. Rushville also houses a state-of-the-art hospital, providing employment in healthcare and health sciences. Nearby Shelbyville expands the job markets with numerous opportunities in small business, technology, and retail.


Children living in Richland are able to attend school via the Rush County Schools District, which offers first-class facilities, a diverse curriculum, and a variety of extracurricular activities. The school system also features a 1:1 learning program, which loans tablets to students in order to provide them with a more personalized educational experience and fuels their interest in technologies and global learning.

While the school system is based out of Rushville, primary school students attend Milroy Elementary School in Milroy, just a few miles south of town. There, they enjoy close personal attention from staff and teachers who are committed to ensuring that each child is afforded the best possible early learning experience.

Milroy and the other elementary schools under Rush County feed into Benjamin Rush Middle School. There, students enjoy a collaborative, safe learning environment that exposes them to increased educational choices and challenges. This trend continues at Rushville Consolidated High School, which offers a progressive curriculum balanced with traditional ideals including multiple sciences and technologies classes. Students can also take advanced placement courses for college credit.