Homes for Sale in Ridgeville, Indiana

If you're in search of a quiet, small-town community steeped in agrarian roots but with easy access to nearby cities, Ridgeville just might have you covered. Sandwiched between Muncie and the Ohio border, this laidback community in east-central Indiana provides a hospitable place to lay down roots. While low on population, the town center provides a humble gathering place for local residents and the outlying fields are fertile and far-reaching. Along the south of town, the Mississinewa River cuts a lazy path through town, completing the portrait of a town straight out of the American dream.

While perhaps short on amenities, Ridgeville's southern neighbor, Winchester, is the county seat of Randolph County and offers a convenient economic outlet while the city of Muncie awaits exploration just over 20 miles away to the west. This ensures that while Ridgeville provides you with plenty of quiet and a generally laid-back life, your essential needs will always be easily met. If you've set your sights on Ridgeville, you've made a great choice to explore housing options. Our Ridgeville realtors would love to introduce you further to this attractive community. We delight in helping to turn what can be frustrating process in one that is fluid and rewarding.

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Ridgeville Area Homes

Most homes within Ridgeville are easily accessible by US-27, which runs north-south along the eastern edge of town. Even more central is State Road 28, which cuts across the town center. The junction of these two routes makes it easy to commute to surrounding communities no matter where you purchase a home. Homes come in a variety of styles, so if there are particular architectural aspects you favor, you may well find them here. Be sure and mention your preferences to your Tucker realtor as well as your neighborhood preferences.

The majority of properties you'll find in Ridgeville are located near the town center, away from the surrounding farmlands. There you will enjoy easy access to good neighbors and the community's few amenities. While slightly less common, you may well find homes for sale in the town's outskirts, providing a more rural setting as well as the more privacy and potentially more acreage.

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to basic necessities, you'll find a few options in town to meet your needs. For large supermarkets, department stores, and service shops, you'll want to head to one of the many convenient area communities. Two county seats, Winchester (county seat of Randolph County) and Portland (county seat of Jay County) are just miles away in opposite directions along US-27. While both are mid-sized towns, they have excellent commercial offerings that will have just about anything you could need including numerous restaurants for a quick bite out.

For more a more diverse shopping excursion, Muncie is difficult to pass up. Muncie boasts a trendy downtown that mixes historic with contemporary and offers a pedestrian-friendly shopping experience. Small shops, specialty boutiques, and similar offerings can be found in abundance here. You'll also find many quaint dining establishments including cafes, ethnic eateries, artisanal shops, pizzerias, and pubs. For national retail outlets and department stores, several malls and plazas can also be found throughout town.

Culture and Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, Ridgeville's small size generally means an outing to a neighboring community is called for. Winchester hosts many community festivals and is home to a cinema for first-run films and several parks with hiking, picnic areas, and athletic fields. The Winchester Speedway is also a popular regional draw. Portland, to the north, offers more of the same.

While both towns are just miles away, heading to Muncie may be worth the extra minutes on the road. As a small city and a cultural and entertainment hub for eastern Indiana, Muncie is home to diverse options when it comes time to play. Bolstering this recreational scene is Ball State University, which not only hosts Division I collegiate sports teams and numerous performance arts and musical events, but it helps feed the local entertainment economy.

The Fine Arts Building on the university campus hosts the David Owsley Museum of Art with over 11,000 works of art and several of the city's largest performing arts venues including the 3,581-seat Emens Auditorium, which can both be found on campus.

Several more such venues can be found in the downtown area where the Muncie Ballet and the Muncie Symphony Orchestra are both big draws. Such venues in addition to the thriving pub scene also support Muncie's local music scene. This area also hosts national concert tours. In the spirit of its strong musical culture, Muncie also hosts several music festivals each year including Muncie MusicFest and Muncie Gras.

This city also features a large network of independent galleries. The Minnetrista Cultural Center, which comprises of a 40-acre campus along the White River, is a popular natural museum.

Careers and Industry

Agriculture has long been central to the economy of Ridgeville, which is surrounded by many farms. Those with farming and machinery experience should find ample opportunities. While this may encompass the center the jobs economy in town, there are many more diverse employment opportunities within an easy commute for Ridgeville homeowners.

Manufacturing positions are common with several industrial plants and parks in the area. This trend isn't as prevalent as it used to be, and in recent years the economy has diversified considerably. For those willing to commute 20 miles to Muncie, you’ll find this true where the dominant employment sectors are healthcare, education, retail, and other service-related industries.


Parents living in Ridgeville with school-age children can enroll them in public school through the Randolph Central School Corporation. As a whole the district provides students with a broad selection of course offerings including specialized gifted and talented programs, advanced placement courses, agricultural courses, technology education, and fine arts programs. They also offer many extracurricular athletic and academic clubs.

While the Randolph Central School Corporation is based out of Winchester, primary school students will stick close to home at Deerfield Elementary School in central Ridgeville. Beginning in middle school and continuing through high school, they come together with students from other communities for a collaborative learning experience in Winchester. Lee L. Driver Middle School provides education to 7th and 8th Graders while Winchester Community High School rounds out secondary education.