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Sarah ODonnell
Sarah ODonnell Sales Associate, ASP
28 Yorkshire Boulevard
Indianapolis, IN 46229

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Sarah ODonnell Sales Associate, ASP

Sarah ODonnell, Realtor, ASP

My goal is to provide you with such professional service and care that when you are telling others about your real estate experience, they wonder why their agent didn't provide the same level of service. I want to earn your trust and recommendation. I will treat your next move as if it were my own.

I am an extrememly detail oriented and driven individual that understands the importance of listening, good communication and education. Whether you are buying or selling a home, I will do what it takes to help you achieve your needs and desires. I put your interests first!

I have experience dealing with the wide array of challenges that come with buying or selling a home. I will help empower you to make intelligent and beneficial decisions every step of the way.

I want to be your Realtor for LIFE, not just your next move!

By Kemyana Young
Frustrated after searching for a home for a year we had the priviledge to meet Sarah. From beginning to end Sarah was amazing. Homebuying is stressful and Sarah was with us every step of the way. Also just to add Sarah was representing both buyer(us) and seller, which is a hard task in itself... however she was very fair with transactions and made sure it was a win win for both parties. Not only was her service amazing during the sale she was very helpful after the sale. She has never left our side and for that we are grateful. She was very knowledgeable and we really liked her friendly non-judgmental attitude. We have been through many realtors but Sarah is the best realtor I know! (11-2-2017)
By Stacey Large
I came to Sarah in desperation after hiring another realtor who just wasn't working out for me. She was incredibly knowledgeable and kind. She was willing to work with me and listened to what my expectations were. I felt like there was an open line of communication and heard from her nearly every  day, which is what I was missing with my previous realtor. I appreciated her so much I recommended her to both of my sisters and will continue to recommend her to anyone else needing a realtor. (2-9-2017)
By Stephanie Conway
Sarah is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with. She is trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable, and she has great follow-through. Sarah provides expert advice in order to lead you confidently in the best direction for YOU. She also has great communication skills...she responds to inquiries  quickly and anticipates questions with thorough answers. My favorite thing about working with Sarah is that she made me feel like her first priority. She made my home-buying process smooth and fast! (2-3-2017)