Homes for Sale in Solsberry, Indiana

For those looking for an easygoing community just miles away from the city of Bloomington, Solsberry is a superb option and well worth a look. This rustic locale offers ample privacy, featuring large, shaded lots cast amid wooded areas and rolling hills. While you'll find just a handful of commercial amenities in Solsberry, it is that very aspect that keeps the peace, making it an optimal place to come home to after a day of work, education, or play in Bloomington.

Solsberry is also an excellent jumping off point for exploring some of scenic southern Indiana's outdoor recreational action. In fact it is nearly equidistant between the two biggest parks in the state, Hoosier National Forest and Brown County State Park. And with direct access to Interstate 69 via State Road 43, which cuts through Solsberry's midsection, homeowners are only miles away from one of the state's most important transportation hubs.

If you've been searching for a community like Solsberry to lay down roots in, Tucker can help you get to know its housing market and other attributes intimately. We excel in using our deep knowledge base, experience, and community connections to give the home buying process both the diligence and the passion, it deserves.

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Solsberry August 17, 2018
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Solsberry Area Homes

While Solsberry has a lot to offer, it comes from humble origins, and you'll see that heritage reflected in its designs. Although you might not find much in the way of sprawling estates in town, you will find solid family homes that have been lovingly constructed and built for decades of snug, satisfying living. Such homes make for both excellent sanctuaries to enjoy the privacy of your own thoughts or for raising a family.

Being as it is so conveniently placed in proximity to the thriving economic hub of Bloomington, you may well find newer developments on the market at any given time. There are many who share the notion that while Bloomington might be a great asset in many regards, there's nothing like going home to countryside living. Therefore, if you have certain architectural preferences or housing attributes you prefer, be sure and bring them up because there's a great chance you might just find precisely what you're looking for in Solsberry.

Shopping and Dining

When it comes to basic necessities such as stocking the kitchen, you will find some of what you're looking for in Solsberry, despite it being an unincorporated town. This includes a grocery store and a handful of service shops. However, in most cases you'll probably want to make a trip out of town.

Fortunately, one of the best shopping experiences in the state is just 15 miles away. Bloomington offers many large supermarkets, department stores, and national retail stores located in malls and plazas—particularly on the west side of the city. It also offers more intimate commercial districts including a pedestrian-friendly downtown area that is protected from retail expansion. You'll find College Mall and the historic Fountain Mall among hundreds of other smaller specialty shops and boutiques. And during the summer months, Bloomington City Hall even hosts a popular farmers' market where you can find local produce and crafts.

As a commercial behemoth and college town, it should come as no surprise that Bloomington offers a fantastic culinary scene. While perusing the city, you'll quickly discover a range of fantastic dining options, perfect for a quick bite or take out, romantic evening, family night, or meet-up with friends.

Culture and Entertainment

As an unincorporated town in a rural setting, there's not much to do in Solsberry other than enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home and maybe kick back on your porch with a good book. That is a part of the appeal for many, and far broader recreational options await just miles away.

Two massive parks are just a quick drive away. This includes the 200,000 acres of Hoosier National Park and Indiana's largest state park, Brown County State Park. Both offer scenic routes for a quiet drive and embedded villages to explore as well as hiking and biking trails, camping, and horseback riding. You'll also find many resorts in both parks as well as sites hosting ecological experiences and festivals.

When it comes time for urban play, Bloomington is about as great an option as you could ask for without making the drive to Indianapolis (which is only about an hour and a half away). Bloomington is well known for its mixture of fashionable, pedestrian-friendly districts, well-manicured parks, and academic vibe.

Within this scenic city, you'll find both vintage and state-of-the-art cinemas and a plethora of performance arts venues. The latter play host to the city's thriving community, collegiate, and professional theater scene. A classic example is the Bus-Chum, a renovated 1922 venue that was once a vaudeville theater. Bloomington is also home to a sensational live music scene, featuring both local and touring artists.

As an homage to its musical culture, several music festivals are held in Bloomington each year. Of course, there are also culinary and arts festivals as well as community events celebrating the city's ethnic heritage. Those seeking more of a contemplative cultural experience will want to check out some of the museums and galleries hosted in Bloomington. Much of the city's cultural aura is due to the tens of thousands of college students who help give it energy, and there's nothing more emblematic of this contribution than the Little Indy 500, an annual collegiate bike race that is the largest in the nation.

Careers and Industry

Because Solsberry is just 15 miles away from Bloomington, those living here have access to an expansive, stable jobs economy. In the town and surrounding communities, fertile fields offer jobs in agriculture, and the locally protected parks offers employment in forestry and tourism. Bloomington expands these options considerably with strong education, healthcare, and retail sectors bolstered by the presence of Indiana University. You'll also find jobs in small business and technologies, many enjoying profitable relationships with the university.


School-aged children living in Solsberry are in a very fortunate position. This is because they have the advantage of being able to attend school in an area that is backed by a rich cultural background, rife with museums, galleries, and other in-town learning opportunities.

Public school education is overseen the Monroe County Community School Corporation, based out of Bloomington. This dynamic school district offers a modern curriculum bolstered by technology integration into the learning experience and a range of course offerings. This includes advanced placement courses for high school students, allowing them to earn college credit before they even graduate. Students also enjoy strong extracurricular programs including community service opportunities in the city.

Bloomington is also home to many private schools for those parents who would prefer alternative educational options for their children.