Southeastern School Corporation

Students in Walton and neighboring towns enjoy the dedicated staff of the Southeastern School Corporation. From day one the focus at all Southeastern schools is on maximizing each student’s potential and building positive social skills that will empower students to participate in group activities in work, school, and beyond.

This focus often translates into a dedication on the part of students to continue learning on their own beyond the classroom. Students throughout the district are also recognized for their compassionate attitudes—attitudes that spring from positive environments where bullying is strictly prohibited.

Students thrive in Southeastern schools. If you're thinking of settling down in the area, you can rest easy knowing your children will learn in a great environment. Many of these students end up in top-tier universities throughout the nation. To learn about the local housing market, simply speak to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors know all there is to know about homes for sale in the Walton area, and with their expert aid, you'll have no problem finding the perfect home for you and for your family.

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Thompson Elementary School

Students from throughout Walton attend Thompson Elementary for their early education. While most people simply think of the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic when elementary school comes to mind, students at Thompson learn much more than that. They are introduced to the wonders of learning in areas like art, music, science, and more.

Thompson students are encouraged to play outside and cooperate with each other; many valuable lessons can only be learned in the freedom of the playground. In addition to playtime, many field trips and other interactive activities take learning beyond the limits of the school and into the community.

Galveston Elementary School

Students at Galveston Elementary are known for their cheerful spirit and profound interest in learning. This love of learning is cultivated by a dedicated staff of teachers who strive to do their best to introduce students to topics that range from biology to astronomy. Students often respond by producing creative works combining learning with artistic abilities. By the end of their time at Galveston, attentive learners are more than ready for the next steps in their education.

Lewis Cass Jr./Sr. High School

Students from throughout the district come together to finish their education at Lewis Cass. At this school learners of all abilities participate in an amazing learning environment, one where social skills, emotional aptitudes, artistic ability, athletics, and academics are all part of a well-rounded education. Students at Lewis Cass are encouraged to take an active role in their own learning, and many respond by joining clubs that focus on everything from civic engagement to personal interests. Many students also participate on sports teams that include cheerleading, softball, wrestling, basketball, cross country, track and field, golf, football, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and baseball.

To learn more about the Southeastern School District or homes for sale in the Walton area, simply speak to a Tucker realtor today.