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Stacy Giannini
Stacy Giannini REALTOR/Broker
350 Veterans Way Suite 100
Carmel, IN 46032

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Stacy Giannini REALTOR/Broker

My success in real estate is due to my passion, experience, professionalism and commitment to serving your real estate needs. I am constantly educating myself on the latest trends in the marketplace so I can find the right home for you or price your home to sell accordingly. On my website, you will find all of the information you need to buy or sell a home. If you need more information about homes in your area, please contact me today so I can provide you with the latest information.

By Leena Becker and Jake Middaugh
Stacy Giannini worked diligently with us to help us purchase our first home! Stacy’s positive attitude and continuous support helped us get to the closing we all had been waiting for...for months. We fought through many battles including the crazy housing market, our learning curve, and many many other things while Stacy stood by our sides and helped coach us through any problem or question from small to large. Stacy is very knowledgable in the industry and is extremely resourceful. We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else cheering us on and sitting beside us while we were handed the keys to our first home. There couldn’t be enough thanks given to this truly wonderful lady for all the hard work and commitment she showed us.
~ Leena Becker and Jake Middaugh
By Alyssa Brincefield
I loved working with Stacy! Being a first-time home buyer was a little scary but Stacy prepared me with all the necessary information I needed to make a smart purchase for myself. Throughout the whole buying process she was very attentive and on top of everything. She made herself available at all times of the day, which was especially important during the searching process. After it was all said and done I was very pleased with how smoothly the whole process went and I would definitely recommend Stacy to anyone searching for a realtor as I know that she would give the same high quality service to any of her clients the way she has with me.
~ Alyssa Brincefield
By Giancarlo Ferrara and Jody Smerge
We are so grateful to have had Stacy as our realtor.  Purchasing a home and moving is stressful enough but doing so from 2,000 miles away seems to magnify the difficulties.  However Stacy made the process as easy and fun as possible.  She was always accessible, even with a 3 hour time difference.  She explained everything and made sure we always knew what was going on and that we understood everything.  Stacy truly worked for our best interest and helped us get "home".  We couldn't be happier with her service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!
~ Jody Smerge and Giancarlo Ferrara