Mortgage 101 Tips

  If you’ve been renting, or even if you’ve been in your home for several years and are looking to refinance, undergoing the process of securing a mortgage loan can seem overwhelming. Like any industry, the mortgage business has its own language, but we also have our own inside tips for

Children’s Museum Announces Sports Legends Experience

The ever-growing Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is slated to unveil a brand new addition to the already massive estate. Coming in the Spring of next year, the Sports Legends Experience will pay homage to, you guessed it, the sports legends of Indiana. This seven-and-a-half-acre indoor-outdoor complex will be built in

The Ultimate Guide to the Greenwood Freedom Festival

Introduction With June almost over, Independence Day is right around the corner. Many local Indiana communities are preparing for their own fireworks shows and Fourth of July celebrations. The community of Greenwood does things a little differently, however, getting a jump on Independence Day and celebrating on the last Saturday in

47 Unconventional Things to do in Indianapolis

Yes, we all know about the Speedway, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and the world-renowned Zoo. Those are just some great local Indianapolis attractions that are worth a first, second, or even eighth trip, certainly! If you haven't checked them out, do. But, if you're looking for new or new-to-you fun

Do This Not That: Getting Ready for a Showing

  Preparing your house for a showing is hard work, but it’s good to remember you’re not on your own. Having a checklist and a trusted REALTOR® to turn to for advice can make your life easier and stress-free. Here are some “Do’s and Don’ts” from F.C. Tucker agents whose home

Flag Day in Indiana

By the summer of 1777, the newly created United States of America was in full-fledge revolt, and the Revolutionary War was well along. A year earlier, George Washington gave Betsy Ross the responsibility of creating a flag for the American Colonies to symbolize unification during this struggle. On June 14th,

36 Unusual Indiana Places to Visit

Looking for something to do in our great Hoosier State that is a little outside the norm? Do you like your trips a little off the beaten path? Check out these seriously unique and usual places to visit in Indiana! Wolf Creek Habitat If you have driven between Indianapolis and Cincinnati, you passed

Best Ways to Find Your Next Neighborhood

  New tech tools make finding a neighborhood that’s a good fit for you and your family easier than ever. Combine innovation, with good old-fashioned research and soul searching, and you will know what’s right for you. . There’s an emotional connection we make when something feels just right. Using a