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Tiff Atkinson
Tiff Atkinson REALTOR/Broker
350 Veterans Way Suite 100
Carmel, IN 46032

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Tiff Atkinson REALTOR/Broker

Not only was Tiff, one of the TOP ROOKIES, she is currently ranked in the top 5% in Indiana.   Tiff is a Multi-Million Dollar Producer year after year!!! Tiff is an energetic aggressive broker that gets results. She specializes in the Residential Real Estate of Central Indiana. Tiff is a detailed oriented Broker dedicated  to helping clients obtain specific objectives. Tiff is a true professional and compassionate listener. She has been managing and selling real estate in Indiana for a number of years.  Tiff is a committed, conscientious, critical thinker who gets the job done with a high standard of professionalism, humility and charm. In the service of her clients she is a resourceful and skilled negotiator. Tiff is a great broker because she listens, identifies your needs, then works timely and effectively to ensure your goals are achieved. Once Tiff identifies your needs, she negotiates the best deal possible, and guides the transaction to completion with timely efficiency. Also, Tiff draws on her in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, with its various communities and local contacts to find sellers the right buyer and buyers the property that truly meets their objectives.  From the initial meeting through completion of the transaction, Tiff's clients enjoy the highest level of professional service.  Tiff excels in the ability to create organization out of what often appears to be chaos.  She has mastered the fine art of multi-taking, and look forward to serving you! 

By Scott Servoss
Tiff is knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. Tiff sold my home as I moved out of state for more than I expected and sooner than expected. Her communication was outstanding and effective. I would recommend her to any buyer or seller. In fact, I will be using her for my business when I need to sell homes in the Indianapolis market. She will not only help you with the transaction, she adds value with her knowledge of the market and expertise on the process
By Dawn Moore
Tiffany listed my home in mid July of 2017 and I closed on September 1st of the same year - less than two months. Although I didn't get what I expected in profit, my home did sell quickly and, in the case of a divorce, that can be a good thing. Tiffany negotiated and squeezed out every possible penny she could get me.

She can be very direct and may tell you what you don't necessarily want to hear so leave your feelings at the door. Selling a home can be stressful and as a seller, you have both a financial and emotional stake in the game but, the emotional aspect has to be removed from the sales process. If you need to sell you home and need someone with a track record of selling homes quickly, you have found the right person.
By Chad Seeling
Tiff Atkinson went above and beyond in helping me sell my property in Indianapolis, IN. I currently live in Ohio and being an out of state property owner there were many things that she had to do that I don't know many other realtors would be willing to do. I would highly recommend Tiff to anyone looking to sell there home.