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For anyone interested in beautiful, residential properties inside a welcoming community with plenty of fantastic amenities, Whitestown is the place to be. This area is filled with the perfect options for singles, family, and multiple-family residences. Prices aren't just competitive -- they're perfect for finding a great home on a budget. The properties are also some of the most exciting ones on the market. With a gorgeous park system and plenty of open areas, Whitestown is ideal for anyone that needs more space than the jumbled suburban layouts and crowded urban settings, a major stressor in daily life. If you would like to learn more about Whitestown, you can visit the town's official website.

You should not hesitate to speak with a Whitestown realtor if you are interested in finding a home in Whitestown. There are wonderful properties in Whitestown that offer a wide range of prices and characteristics, but all of these options can be overwhelming and confusing. This is why you should not hesitate to talk with one of our Whitestown realtors. They are knowledgeable and friendly and can guide you through the process of finding the perfect home in Whitestown. Read more

Whitestown October 23, 2018
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Whitestown Area Homes

Whitestown is an area with a rich history that is well over a century old. The area is filled with open lots and areas ready for development. Because of this, the properties that are up and running in the town are truly spectacular, and new businesses and industrial properties sprout up just as often as new residential properties.

The options are wide open if you want to find a great home to live in Whitestown. Whether you are looking for a modest one-story home with an attractive price, or you would like to invest in a spacious four-bedroom house with ample lawn space, there are all kinds of properties to choose from in Whitestown. The styles of these homes also vary widely, providing interesting options that may fit your exact needs. The location of many of these homes also tends to be very favorable. Many real estate locations in Whitestown are located right off of the town's main roads, making car travel easy and reaching the major commuter roads a simple task.

A nice aspect to Whitestown is its road configuration. The town is actually centered on the intersection of East 300 Street (also called Pierce Street) and South 650 East (also called South Main Street). Main Street runs vertically through the town, and this is where many businesses can be found as well.

Shopping and Dining

You won't go hungry in Whitestown. There are a few pubs in the area, along with some tasty grills, diners, pizzerias, and cafes. Besides major franchises, residents can get seafood, steak, burgers, and great southern soul food. These venues offer great prices and are sure to satiate your appetite.

For a rural area, there are a surprising amount of businesses thriving in the Whitestown area. Farm retails, granite suppliers, a bike store, and others can be found mostly along the main roads through town. There are even some venues available for convenient niche shopping, like a fitness equipment store and a photography outlet.

Culture and Entertainment

Whitestown's Panther Park is a beautiful location to go for a walk. Located off of South Buck Street, residents can take a hike through the natural setting, and if they feel like enjoying a wider setting, they can always visit the larger community park, located on the north side of town right off of North Main Street. And with just a short drive on I-65, residents can enjoy a fun day at the expansive Eagle Creek Park located in Indianapolis. With all the natural beauty surrounding Whitestown, this is a homey oasis to tuck in and enjoy the openness and relaxation that can be afforded from living outside the hectic, city atmosphere.

If you are in the mood for some more entertainment, however, the best areas are not far away. With Lebanon to the west, Carmel to the east, and Zionsville to the south, major markets bookmark Whitestown into a geographic sweet spot for easy access to other entertainment venues and cultural events. Indianapolis lies a little farther south, so a day spent in the city isn't out of the question.

Careers and Industry

Whitestown is conveniently located near major markets in the Indianapolis and Hamilton County region. Whitestown itself, though, is also a very exciting area of development. This is a region where residential, commercial, and industrial properties are sprouting up all over. This makes Whitestown not only a convenient place to live for commuting purposes but also an interesting place to live for local amenities and opportunities. Whitestown is a community dedicated to progressing its economy to new levels and developing into an exciting area filled with thriving businesses and beautiful neighborhoods, which there are already many here.


Since Whitestown lies over a rather large expanse of land, there are actually two public school systems that serve the area: Lebanon Community Schools and the Zionsville Community Schools. The Lebanon Community School Corporation is one of the best academic institutions Central Indiana has to offer. With excellent teachers, a robust curriculum and a standard for excellence, kids receive a strong education in not only their academics but also in their character. If you would like to learn more about this school system, you can visit their official website.

Zionsville Community Schools isn't just another unremarkable school system, either. While they provide one of the best educational packages to students in the area, they are also very fiscally responsible. If you would like to learn more information about the Zionsville Community School system, you can visit their official website.