Alyce Penry


My commitment to you…

           My goal is to help you meet your real estate needs, both now and in the future. I will provide you with the tools to make informed decisions about your housing future. By listening to you, communicating with you, and maintaining a thorough knowledge of the housing market and real estate industry, I will act as your advocate throughout the process. I pride myself on superior customer service, and work hard to ensure that clients receive their desired results. Your trust and respect are of the utmost importance to me.

My Commitment to Community…

        You’ve heard it before: your home is among the most important purchasing decisions you will ever make. It is the place where your memories will be made, the place where your history will unfold. It is my belief that those memories and that history don’t stop when you walk out your front door. The community in which you live can be just as important as the home in which you live. Building and maintaining strong communities is a key element in enjoying a high quality of life. Regardless of size or location, the village surrounding you needs to offer quality facilities and support opportunities. I truly feel that it is my responsibility to support those programs that enhance and improve the quality of life in your new community. Because of this, I pledge to donate a portion of the commission I receive from the purchase or sale of your home to a local philanthropic organization. By supporting these local organizations, I hope to help strengthen their presence in your community, and to assist them in offering a greater level of service to your friends and neighbors.

Alyce Penry, Realtor/Broker


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