Top 10 Reasons NOT to Trust Zillow or Other Home Value Estimators

  1. They haven’t seen your home.  The way you have maintained your home may differ from those recently sold.  The updates you have done along with the features your home has may set it apart from the rest.
  2. They haven’t seen your neighbor’s home.  Again, every home has features and updates that can impact the value.  Utilizing square feet, number of bedrooms/bathrooms alone does NOT give you an accurate reflection of value.
  3. They typically use sales prices of homes within a region.  Comparing a home that sold in a $300k+ custom neighborhood to a home that sold in a production neighborhood a half mile down the street will certainly skew the avg price/sq ft!
  4. They do not factor in all potential factors such as a nearby train track or power lines, location in the neighborhood (front vs back), if your backyard is private, etc.
  5. They do not accurately factor in market demand and trending.
  6. They do not see the layout of your home or the comparable homes.
  7. They are not experts in what today’s buyers are looking for and how your home fits those criteria.
  8. They don’t have the neighborhood knowledge.  Agents either possess intimate knowledge or they know where to find that information.
  9. With pricing being KEY in selling your home, relying on Zillow or other systems that assign value to your home actually COSTS you money.
  10. Zillow is not Sarah O’Donnell.  Sarah will work her butt off for you, positioning you where you need to be based on your condition, location and current market demand.

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By Sarah ODonnell,