5 Maintenance Tips for Spring

When the spring blooms pop up around Indianapolis homes, it signals time to evaluate any damaged caused by winter’s cold temperatures, snow and ice. The structure of the home and surrounding surfaces expand and contract with temperature changes, possibly leaving damage.

5 Spring maintenance tips:

  1. Roof shingles. Look for missing or loose roof shingles while standing on the ground. The hot summer sun can cause shingles to shrivel and crack if not properly in place. You may consider hiring a professional roof inspection to negate further damage.

  2. Gutter system. Check for loose or cracked gutters. Heavy snow and ice can wreak havoc on gutters. Secure gutters and downspouts before spring rains.

  3. Door and window frames. Inspect these areas with a screwdriver to identify any areas that may have contracted and shifted. Tighten up any loose screws and replaced damaged weather stripping and sealants.

  4. Concrete surfaces. Evaluate outdoor concrete, looking for any cracks and uneven surfaces. Concrete patios and steps should drain away from the home.

  5. Outdoor water faucets. Ensure that outdoor hose bibs are free from cracks and are situated properly. Hose bibs should release a forceful water flow.

Before the heat of summer hits, it is recommended to have a professional inspection of  heating/cooling systems, chimneys and lawn equipment. For a referral to trusted service providers, contact licensed REALTOR Ted O’Donnell today.

By Ted O’Donnell,