Do you need a REALTOR to purchase new construction?

Yesterday, I posted an article from National Association of REALTORs describing the gains of new construction happening in the country.  Did you know a REALTOR can help you purchase new construction at no cost to you?  Just a few pros to using a professional during the purchase:

That agent you see when you walk in the model home…yea, they work for the builder.  They don’t represent your interests.

Wonder what items you should add?  After seeing the model home, it’s hard to not want it all!  But, will all those add-ins that you’re going to pay for at construction going to be worth it at re-sale?  Will you be paying more for a house than what it’s worth in the market?  Who’s going to give you that info?  A REALTOR!  🙂

Just like a re-sale purchase, I’m your point-of-contact throughout the process – contract signing, construction phases, walk-through, and closing!

Let me be your advocate – it’s not going to cost you a penny!

By Jill Curtis,