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Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

I feel we say this every year but that was the longest winter ever – who’s with me? Now that winter is behind us and sunshine filled days are ahead, we need to start thinking about a few things to do in and around your house to prepare for Spring.

Here are some home maintenance tips for Spring:



Leaves, branches & debris can build up in your gutters and on your roof over the course of winter. Be sure to clean that out to reduce the risk of water damage.



Check for any damage caused by snow and ice & make any necessary repairs to reduce the risk of leaking.



Be sure to inspect the trees around your property for damage or rot and remove any dead trees that might break/blow over in heavy winds or storms.


Sidewalks & Driveways

Inspect for any cracks or uneven surfaces & repair if necessary.


Lawn Equipment

Check that all lawn equipment – mowers, leaf blowers, edgers, etc – are in working condition. Be sure to store any unused fuel and oil in a vented and locked area.



Smoke Detectors

Inspect any smoke detector in your home and check they’re all in working order.  Plan to test them monthly! Daylight savings time is the best time to change the batteries too.


Light Bulbs

Check light bulbs around the house and replace any burned out bulbs. Think about replacing all bulbs with LED bulbs to reduce the amount of energy and heat produced.


Water Heater

Check for leaks or any corrosion!


Fire Extinguishers

Check these at least once a year and make sure they’re in an accessible place.


Air Conditioning

Before turning this on for the season, be sure it’s checked and tuned up by a professional.



Be sure to check and change the filter!


Spend a little time this Spring maintaining your home to keep it safe and secure throughout the year!