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Home Staging Tips for Spring

Are you planning on selling your home once spring finally makes its appearance? Let’s face it; spring is the season of beautiful weather, fresh new beginnings and lots of buyers! According to research done by Zillow, there is no better time to sell your home than in the spring months. To maximize the value of your home, staging and sprucing up your home is key. Here are some awesome tips to help you prepare to stage and sell your home this spring!


Freshen up your home

A good way to freshen up your home is with some good old spring-cleaning. Organize, de-clutter, scrub, open windows, and light some candles. Give your home that fresh, organized and clean vibe! If you have carpet, carpet cleaning is a must. On the outside of your home, if you have vinyl, consider power washing all of that winter grime off your home to make it look fresh!


Get your yard into shape

One of the first things buyers see when they look at your home is your yard and landscaping. If your grass looks dead and landscaping is a mess, they will immediately have one negative thing on their list before they even walk into the door.  Draw buyers in with a yard clear of the winter debris, some fresh bright green grass and new landscaping. Planting some fresh, bright flowers is a great way to add curb appeal to your home and brighten up the exterior!


Spruce up your entry way

Sweep off your porch/entry way and get all of the winter dirt. A great way to brighten up your entry way is with a fresh paint of coat on your front door. Bright colored doors are a huge trend right now and it is a great way to set your home apart from the rest. If your entry mat is covered with winter debris, grab a new one that is bright and inviting!


Bring out the grill and patio sets

Get your grill out and set up your back patio to show buyers how awesome your outdoor living space is. Brighten up your patio table and chairs with new seat cushions or pillows for your patio chairs and some pops of colored décor or flowers on the table. Potted flowers, string lights, and tiki-torches are a few simple ideas that can really make your patio stand out.


Bright colors are a must

Get any winter décor out of your house and brighten it up with all of your spring décor. A new throw blanket or pillows for your couch, new rugs, new comforter for your bed, and some bright wall décor are all easy ways to brighten up your house for spring! Floral patterns and bright colors are your best friends when it comes to selling your home in the spring months.


Make your home smell like spring

Once it gets warm enough, open up all of the windows in your house and let the crisp spring air flow through your home. Mop floors and clean carpets/furniture to get that clean scent throughout your home. Putting out some fresh cut flowers in your home is a great way to give your home those spring scents we’ve all been waiting for. Wall plug-in air fresheners are a great way to keep your home smelling good discretely and of course candles are always a great option as well!