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Resolutions for your Home

There are only a few short hours left in 2018! Are you ready to ring in 2019? 2-0-1-9. How crazy is that? Let’s talk about the ways this can be your big year. If you haven’t already, it’s time to write down those New Years resolutions you’re determined to keep… at least until February, right?

With this fresh start, think beyond the normal promises to eat healthier & exercise daily (although those are always great too). What about resolutions for your favorite investment? Is this the year you finally dive into that kitchen remodel or add on a back patio? Maybe you just want to organize your garage or bedroom closets? Will you buy a new home or your first home? We will discuss a few ideas for New Year’s resolutions for your home, and hopefully, inspire you to make some of your own…

Get Organized

Let’s start with a fairly common resolution that gets quickly neglected because it’s so overwhelming. The best way to tackle this goal is to take it a room at a time. If even that is too much, take a section of a room at a time. It’s time to start purging. Don’t overthink it, just purge. There is no point in spending your valuable time organizing stuff you never use or look at. If there are things you are struggling to get rid of, apply the 6-month rule. Set it in a designated area and if you still haven’t used it after 6 months, say buh-bye. There are plenty of charities to donate your household items too. Goodwill and Salvation Army will even arrange to pick up from your home, depending on your location and amount of stuff. Take advantage of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to make a little extra cash from things you’re letting go of. If you come across a fair amount of things that can’t be donated or sold, consider calling on a hauling company to take care of it for you.

Now that you have a clean slate to work with, you can gather up storage containers and nice little baskets to organize your spaces. Think bathroom cabinets, Tupperware drawers, pantries, your kid’s toy room, or the garage (dun-dun-dunnn). Ok, I’ve got you thinking of all the areas you need to straighten up and you’re ready to crawl in bed until spring.. How about some help? Hire a professional organizer and watch your home turn into a real-life Pinterest board. They’ve got all the ideas and motivation you need to tackle this resolution. They can even help you with the purging part, helping you determine what should be kept, donated/sold, or thrown out. For a permanent solution to closets, office space, garages and more talk to Hoosier Closets or Zinga’s Home Solutions. Why not increase home value while getting organized?

Kitchen or Bath Remodel

Maybe you’d like to think about a slightly bigger change this year and tackle a renovation project. Take time to do your research and find out what changes will bring you the most return (or keep an eye out for a future blog post, where we do that research for you). You don’t want to spend money on new floors or cabinetry that is too trendy and will be out of style by the time you sell your home. Speak with a designer if this isn’t really your forte.

Trust us when we tell you that you should definitely call in a professional for this resolution. No matter the size of your project or how handy you might be, it’s not worth the added stress. Just look up DIY fails on YouTube. A remodel might be intimidating, but if you start by writing down your ideas and goals (and making sure they are realistic), you’ll be off and running in no time. The end result is well worth it!

Upgrade Landscaping and Exterior

This time of year is usually when you are forced to take a break from outdoor housework, but with some recent fifty degree days maybe you’re already dreaming of spring projects. We probably don’t have to tell you how important curb appeal is. Whether you are getting ready to list or not, it’s the basis of first impressions and the first thing you see when you come home every day. A well-kept exterior showcases the pride you take in your investment. Plus, who doesn’t want to enjoy their own little outdoor oasis when Indiana weather permits! If your resolution involves adding or replacing a deck, patio, or fence you should start planning and doing your research now. If winter is mild, some companies will be able to get your project started or even completed before the spring and summer rush. Avoid being on a waiting list and enjoy your new feature as soon as possible!

Thinking more along the lines of upgrading or adding flower beds, shrubbery or trees? Start planning what you want to put in and when it needs to be planted. A landscaping expert can draw up a custom design and knows what will look and grow best on your property. You’ll also want to discuss hiring them to maintain things throughout the year. Most can keep up with your lawn as well so that will be the envy of the neighborhood… and you can enjoy your weekends!


Is 2019 your big year? If it’s time to really upgrade your living space and the ideas we discussed won’t cut it… well… we know some great Realtors. Call or text (317) 954-4768 so we can get you matched with one in your area. Plus, you have access to a free service that provides you with qualified, vetted home vendors. Partnering with F.C. Tucker will be the easiest move you ever make.