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Show Your Furniture Some Love

There are roughly 40 days left until Spring arrives.. but who’s counting, right? In the next few weeks, you might start thinking about all the spring cleaning tasks you want to accomplish. You clean your house, your car, your carpets, and your clothes… but what about your furniture? When was the last time you gave your most-loved couch or chair a deep clean? Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, our partners at Becht Pride Residential Cleaning Services want you to know why and how you should be cleaning your upholstery.


Why is it necessary?

Obviously, if your furniture has acquired an unsightly stain or offensive smell, you would [hopefully] consider showing it some TLC. If your furniture doesn’t appear to be dirty, however, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be cleaned. Think about how often upholstered furniture in common areas are used. Now think about all the dead skin cells, hair, and germs that are left on them, unseen. Gross. Even rarely used furniture can collect dust mites and other bothersome allergens you shouldn’t have to live with. A deep, professional clean is always best, but there are ways to keep your furniture fresh in between. 


Vacuum regularly.

Most vacuums have upholstery and crevice tools. Put those tools to work by vacuuming your upholstered furniture regularly, just as you do with your carpet. This will help remove dust, particle soil, and food particles, especially if you eat on the couch or have pets/kids around.  If you don’t have a vacuum with an upholstery tool, use a soft brush to remove dirt and hair from the fabric.


Be cautious with stain removers.

When removing stains and smells, it’s important to understand the fabric your upholstery is composed of. Do your research into proper care of the material and if you are using home products, read the labels. A little really does go a long way when it comes to these chemicals. We’ve all been guilty of spraying cleaner on a stain until our finger cramps. Often this can do more harm than good and may cause discoloration, a sticky texture, or irritants left behind. We’ll say it again for those in the back, read the label


When in doubt, bring in a professional.

If you’ve got a serious furniture cleaning job and lack the time and technical knowledge to complete it properly, there are professionals that can help. If you decide to hire a company or individual, make sure they are qualified for the job. The process of cleaning upholstery is different from cleaning carpets, and they should have a thorough understanding of this. As pros, they should also be aware of what cleaning process is best based on the fabric of the furniture. Steam cleaning will often work, but more delicate fabrics call for low moisture techniques or dry cleaning. 


If you would like more information on this topic or to schedule your upholstery cleaning, call Tony with Becht Pride at (317) 896-6161. Becht Pride also specializes in carpet cleaning, whole house cleaning, and general home repairs.


This post was co-authored by F.C. Tucker Home Services and Becht Pride.