House of Trepidation

The House of Trepidation is an indoor haunted attraction that features three different areas to explore. While exploring the house, you’ll see stunning scenes that will stir levels of fear in the mind. Details with each scene are mesmerizing and will draw you in almost immediately, making you think that you’re taking part in the activities that you see. Covered and indoor waiting options are available.

Gaze down a long hallway to see a hazy glow while listening to the screams of someone who might not make it out of the house alive. There are clowns with creepy laughs and nightmare scenes of people going crazy while they are strapped in chairs. Most of the rooms are dark, but there are light sources so that you can see to get around. There are several rooms to explore in the home, each with its own theme. Mirrors on the walls give you the chilling feeling that you’re not alone. Chains rattle while you’re trying to get out of the house to the safety of the outdoors. However, there are a few scares outside as well. The attraction isn’t recommended for younger children. Help is offered if you don’t feel that you can get through the haunted house.