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5 Tips to Help Pass Your Real Estate Exam

Had enough of your 9-5? Want the flexibility that a real estate career can offer?

First things first, you need to pass the real estate exam! If you find it difficult to study or have had issues in the past with exams, you’ll find 5 tips below to help you pass your real estate exam with flying colors.

Let’s get into it!

1. Study consistently

While it may seem obvious to some, studying consistently can be difficult. You may have a job, family, and kids in the background that are keeping you from staying consistent. That’s ok, though, because you’re going to need to find time to put in some studying hours.

Block out a portion of your day that will allow you to study without fail. If you have to wake up before the family does or study at night, then you’re going to have to make sacrifices so you can pass your real estate exam.

You’ll find that when you create a habit, you’re more likely to stick to it after a few weeks. Give it some time and then you’ll be sure to get quality study time without distraction.

2. Form a study group

One of the better ways to stay consistent with studying for your real estate exam is accountability. When you form a study group, the people that invite will keep you accountable so that you will always be sure to get in quality study time.

Studying hours upon hours by yourself can get dry, fast. With the help of people in the same boat as you, you’ll be motivated to continue studying. You may even find that you end up having fun!

Just make sure that when you form your study group that you don’t turn it into a social hour. Keep on topic, study the exam and make sure that you’re progressing towards your goal of becoming a real estate agent.

3. Utilize a real estate exam course

Another great way to stay accountable is by investing in your success. By putting up some of your own money, you’ll feel obligated to stay on course and study day after day. By using a real estate exam prep course, you’ll be in good hands to pass your real estate exam.

They’ll allow you to take practice tests which is a great way to start getting acquainted with the real estate exam. You’ll be quizzed on math and exam prep questions until you’ve mastered everything there is to know about real estate.

With real exam mode, you will be tested just like you would be in real life. Once you’ve taken the real estate exam multiple times, you’ll feel comfortable once you sit down and take it in real life.

4. Utilize acronyms as a memorization tactic

It’s difficult to memorize every single aspect of the real estate exam. With acronyms, you’ll give yourself a better chance to remember exactly what you need to know on the exam.

A good example is “D.U.P.E”. Disposition. Use. Possession. And Exclusion. These make up the bundle of rights that explain property ownership.

You can create your own acronyms and place them on flashcards so you can refresh your memory when you get some downtime to continue studying. If you find yourself bored throughout the day, pull out your flashcards and give yourself a reboot.

5. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

You only need to retake the portion of the test that you failed if you do fail your real estate exam. That should lessen the pressure to be perfect but still give you the motivation to get it right the first time. If you spend all your time worrying, then you won’t get any studying done at all!

Take breaks and ensure that you get enough rest. If the brain doesn’t get enough time to process the information you’ve studied, you may end up forgetting most of it.

Most importantly, remember your goal in all of this. If you find it hard to study, look at how your life may change if you become a real estate agent. If you’re passionate about real estate, then don’t let yourself get in your own way.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake, studying for your real estate exam can put pressure on your life. But if you take it the right way, you’ll find yourself studying every single day until you pass the exam!

Keep at it, and be patient. It can seem like you’re getting nowhere, but if you work every day, you’ll find that you’re where you want to be.