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7 Elements Every Public Bathroom Should Have for Proper Health

7 Elements Every Public Bathroom Should Have for Proper Health & Hygiene

Have you ever been to a public bathroom only to leave again immediately because of the lack of hygiene? It can be hard to find a public bathroom that is clean and properly sanitized. People have become super concerned about using public bathrooms since the COVID pandemic. Not only do they look unhygienic, but they can also pose a health risk. It has become more important now than ever to equip these bathrooms with the best hygienic supplies to ensure public safety.

The risk has only increased since the outbreak of the coronavirus. People avoid public bathrooms as much as possible, because of hygiene and safety issues. However, there are ways to make public bathrooms safer and more hygienic – just a few basic elements can make a big difference. Here are a few of the must-have essentials for any public bathroom.

  1. Trash Cans

A public bathroom must have at least one trash placed near the sink or the door. This makes it easier for people to toss paper in the trash, instead of leaving it on the floor. A simple trash can instantly increases the cleanliness and tidiness of any public bathroom. Large bathrooms must have a few trash cans positioned near the sink and at the door. Each stall should also have its own small trash can, so people will not throw toilet rolls and other waste on the floor. In the ladies’ bathrooms, it is also important to supply special disposal units in each stall for sanitary items.

  1. Electronic Products

Now is a good time to replace those traditional pieces of equipment with innovative electronic items. Today, you will find high-quality and modern bathroom tools that minimize hand-to-hand contact and make this space a lot safer and better for everyone.

Electronic items mean you no longer need to touch surfaces or levers that may or may not be contaminated with the virus. The best example of electronic items for bathrooms is a motion-activated flush. You’ve doubtless seen the hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and other such innovative toiletries in public bathrooms at airports. Well, these are used to ensure maximum protection for people.

  1. Ceramic Tiles or Non-Slip Flooring

High-quality flooring is an absolute necessity in public bathrooms. Slip accidents are pretty common, and they are most likely to occur in moisture-prone areas. Ceramic tiles make the best option for bathroom floors. They dry quickly when they do get wet, thus preventing slip accidents.

  1. Air Fresheners

An unpleasant smell is the most common factor that drives people away from public bathrooms. Nobody likes to enter somewhere with a foul odour. Air freshener can be used to keep the bathrooms smelling good. Not only does it avoid the foul smell, but it also maintains better air quality. Automatic air fresheners spray perfumes at regular intervals, keeping the atmosphere fresh and clean. This also encourages people to use public bathrooms.

  1. Clear Signs

This is one of the most important elements of any public bathroom. As it’s a public washroom, chances are people will be confused about which bathroom is for men and women. Each bathroom door should be labelled clearly with text and images so that people can understand which bathroom they should enter.

  1. Toilet Roll Dispenser

The toiler roll dispenser is the product that holds the paper rolls. These are mostly wall-mounted rolls that make it easier for the public to pull the paper from the wall which in turn reduces waste and keeps the bathroom clean. Securing the toilet roll on a dispenser helps make the bathrooms look fresher and cleaner. It is also a good option for a bathroom with limited space. They help save plenty of space in the washroom as they are securely installed off the ground.

When it comes to choosing a toilet roll dispenser for your public bathroom, think about the amount of traffic you are expecting, how frequently your staff can refill the toilet rolls, and the available space in your bathroom.

  1. Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

Another important element for a public bathroom is a disposable toilet seat cover. As the name suggests, these seat covers can be disposed of after a single use. If the seat covers are missing in the stalls, people are most likely to use toilet roll paper as a seat cover. This leads to more wastage and mess. Toilet seat covers should be available in each stall. It maintains hygiene in the bathroom and makes space look cleaner and sanitized. Most importantly, toilet seat covers reduce wastage, as people will not have to use toilet paper.

Key Takeaways

A public bathroom should be optimized for everyone’s safety and comfort. Think about the public bathrooms at airports. They feature premium toilet roll dispensers, hand dryers, premium mirrors, trash cans, sturdy flooring, and high-quality toiletries. So, these were a few essentials every public toilet must have for maintaining personal hygiene and safety.

For COVID related concerns, please seek out professional advice. This article represents the opinions of the author and not the company.