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F.C. Tucker Company’s Justice Commitment


As real estate professionals we recognize the devastating and lingering personal and social effects of discriminatory housing practices. We dedicate ourselves to upholding Fair Housing, to understanding unique challenges faced by our clients and consumers, to using our marketing platforms to promote accountability for ourselves and our industry, to educating the public about their rights and how to report violations, and to advocating for justice when we see something wrong.

As real estate professionals we recognize the healing powers of Home and Community. We are trusted with the keys, and empowered with the knowledge that informs one of the most important decisions a person makes. We are committed to being worthy of this role. In addition to upholding the spirit and the letter of Fair Housing and the REALTOR® Code of Ethics ourselves, we advocate for justice wherever we go, understanding that much discrimination isn’t faced, but occurs outside the awareness of the individuals affected.

The F.C. Tucker Company is taking the following steps to give housing justice a permanent home here:

  • Declare our commitment to housing justice
  • Review and update all internal policies with room for improvement
  • Provide additional Fair Housing programming and resources to our agents and staff to supplement the licensing Continuing Education requirements
  • Post our housing justice commitment and educational resources on and other marketing platforms to allow consumers to be informed of their rights and how to report violations
  • Host ongoing roundtables and focus groups dedicated to the support and complexities of Fair Housing challenges
  • Include Fair Housing research and reporting in our regular all-company market communications
  • Respond swiftly, effectively and with public transparency to calls for accountability or any complaints against our members