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Indy Haunted Houses

There are two types of people in October: those who love all things Fall (Ex. Sweaters, candles, pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and leafs) and those who love Halloween (Ex. Trick-or–treat, scary movies, loads of candy, and haunted houses).  For all of those who prefer the latter, this article is for you. To celebrate this ghoulishly-glorious time of the year, we thought we would put together an article highlighting the best Haunted Houses in Indy.

Hanna Haunted Acres – Hanna Haunted Acres is no average haunted house.  This lauded Halloween haunt has been on, “ABC, NBC, [and] USA’s GREATEST HAUNTS.”  Not convinced yet? Hanna Haunted Acres features six different world-class haunted attractions including: Hanna Haunted Hayride, Field of Fiends, Bloody Barn, Carn Evil, Outbreak, and Blackout.

House of Trepidation – Perhaps the newest haunted house on this list, House of Trepidation opened in 2015 and they have been scaring people ever since.  The haunted house is a 20,000 square-foot facility of pure terror. All the House of Trepidation’s attractions center around the central character of Dr. Eugene Irving Belle.  These attractions include: House of trepidation, Crossroads of Carnage, and Purgatory.

Haunted Angelus House – While Haunted Angelus House is similar to a lot of the other haunted houses in that it has scary haunts, it has a different mission at its core.  Per its website, “the Haunted Angelus House Raises Funds for the Angelus, a cerebral palsy group home in Hudson Florida.” If you are already wanting to get scared, you might as well get scared for a good cause!

Dark Armies Necropolis – The premise of this haunted house is that in 1983 a phone plant was closed in Indianapolis.  When it was closed, an entire city was discovered underneath the plant. Each October, Hoosiers can visit the talked-about city.  Attractions include: the house, the cemetery, the factory, and the hotel. So yeah, a pretty in-depth story for a skin-crawlingly-creepy attraction.

Freight Manor – Freight Manor calls itself, “Indy’s Scariest Haunted House.”  That is because they have some terrifyingly-terrific attractions.  Freight Manor’s attractions include: Camp Apocalypse, Chaos, and Psychomanthium. Also, proceeds go to the Southport Little League and its maintenance – so really there is no reason not to go to this abhorrent abode!

Nightmare on Edgewood – Nightmare on Edgewood has been happening for the past 40 years.  This haunted house was voted the scariest haunt in Indiana in 2017 by Scare Factor Reviews.  One potential reason for this title is that the folks who design Nightmare on Edgewood reinvent the set every season.  One of many great reasons to visit Nightmare on Edgewood this Halloween season.

The Asylum House – Do you think skating centers are kind of creepy?  If so, you would not be the only one. The Asylum House is based out of the old Southland Skate Center in Greenwood.  Wild, right? Their six horrific haunts include: The Madness, Nightmares, The Woods, The Hospital, Psycho Ward, and Tomb.  Certainly, a terrifying place to add to your Halloween jaunt.

The Key Haunted Escape Rooms – Ever been to an escape room? THE KEY – Haunted House Escape Rooms offers guests a brand-new escape room challenge by combining the typical escape room experience with a haunted house.  They have nine available rooms available with everything from the not-so-scary Prisoners of War room to the ultra-scary Funeral Parlor room.

The Children’s Museum Guild’s Haunted House – Every year, the Children’s Museum Guild, a volunteer group, puts together an entire haunted house within an exhibit space of the Museum. All ticket sales go to benefit the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and its various programming.  This year’s theme is the “Grim-nasium Haunted House” – it will certainly not be a haunted house for you and your little ones to miss!

We are sure we missed some freaking freaky haunted houses, so feel free to add them to our comments section below.  Just as a disclaimer, these haunted houses are guaranteed to be spooky, so enter at your own risk – if you dare……