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Easter Basket Fillers That Aren’t Candy

When you think about assembling this years Easter baskets, what comes to mind? Candy? Yes, of course, but there’s so much more you can include. Be the talk of the town with these unique Easter basket ideas that kids of all ages will never forget!



Baby Sitting Coupon: Parents will appreciate your homemade Baby Sitting Coupon. Volunteer to watch the baby while the parents enjoy some much needed time off.

Books: A family with a new baby can never have too many books. Be sure to include a few Easter specific books!

Socks: We all know that socks tend to disappear in the wash. Pack up a basket full of spring colored socks and you will be sure to cross an item off of a parent’s to do list.

Teething Toys: Teething is no fun, but give a baby something to chew on and it gets a little bit better! Be sure to include some soft snacks that are suitable for the baby’s age.  

Bath Accessories: Make bath time fun by including a few bath toys as well as a soft, cuddly towel and some gentle friendly soap.

Sunscreen: Get your special baby ready for the upcoming sunny weather with a bottle of baby friendly sunscreen.

Art Supplies: Include a couple of coloring books and a box of crayons and your toddler will be occupied for hours!

Picnic Basket: Get your baby or toddler outside with a picnic basket that includes washable utensils and plates, a sippy cup, and a bib.

Bubbles: This is always the perfect outdoor activity that is sure to bring on the laughs for your baby or toddler.



Puzzles: Get your child’s brain working and occupied for hours!

Hair Accessories: Include headbands, hair clips, scrunchies, or even hair glitter to glam up your kids hairstyle.

Slime: Slime is a trending hot topic these days. Kids love to play with it and it’s mess free! Make it yourself or purchase it in the toy aisle.

Game Books: Word searches, Sudoku, or Madlibs are a great way for kids to have fun and work on their knowledge all at the same time.

Journal: Almost every kid will try to keep a journal at least once in his or her life. Along with the journal, include a few gel pens for your kids to record their thoughts and ideas.

Chalk: One of the best parts of spring is getting to write on the sidewalk with chalk! Encourage your kids to get outside and get it touch with their creative side.

Science Kit: This would be the perfect fit for a kid that loves experiments or science class. Include items that you find in DIY experiments or purchase an experiment kit in the toy aisle.

Playing Cards: Choose from a popular card game or include a regular card deck. Enjoy teaching your child some of your favorite games!

Legos: Small and easy to include in a basket with other items, legos are a fun item for every child!



Gift Cards: This will allow your teenager to choose exactly what they want or need. You’ll get extra points if you include a gas card!

Family Coupons: Cut your kids some slack with customizable family coupons. A ticket for a later curfew or no chores for a day are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Spa Day Must Haves: For the teen that loves to be pampered, include bubble bath, lotion, nail polish, and more in this luxurious basket.

Music Lovers: Is your teen always playing their music too loud? Give them a basket that includes an iTunes gift card, new headphones, and maybe even a vinyl record of their favorite album.

Perfume or Cologne: Your teen is most likely on a budget so receiving a nice bottle of perfume or cologne would be quite the treat!

Beach Accessories: Get your teen ready for the warmer weather with a basket that includes a beach towel, sunglasses, and sandals!

Flower Seeds: If your teen loves plants and spending time outside, include a few packets of seeds in their basket this year. They can learn to grow flowers and feel pride when they grow their own food!

Video Games: For the gamer in your life, include one or two video games and maybe a new controller or headset. Add in a couple snack options and this basket is complete!

Art Supplies: Fill your basket with markers, pens, or pencils. You can also include a sketchpad or specify your gifts to the craft that your teen loves most.


There’s something on this list that will please everyone! From craft items to knowledge games, your kids are going to love their Easter baskets this year. Of course, it’s highly recommended that you include some candy as well. It’s a tradition, after all!