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Finding Career Happiness


We have likely all encountered that horrible feeling at one point in our lives…a horrific case of the Mondays. The dread and agony of returning to work after a joyous weekend. This agony is only emphasized when returning to a job that you don’t love.

Since 2000, Gallup has polled millions of employees from nearly 200 countries around the world about their level of “job satisfaction.” Gallup found that nearly 70% of American’s hate their job. Overall, Gallup found that only 15% of workers feel engaged by their jobs. According to Forbes, “engaged” means that they feel a sense of “passion”  and “deep connection” to their work, spending their days [driving their own success.]

I found myself in this same predicament several years ago: I hated my job. Like the large percentage of Americans listed above, I felt a lack of flexibility in my schedule, no control in my income potential/success and a feeling of not being engaged or making an impact. Then my life changed. I found career happiness as a REALTOR®.

My job as a REALTOR® allows me to achieve all of those things and now I can truly say that I am one of the few Americans who loves their job. I am not alone, according to research by the Conference Board, 93% of Real Estate Brokers have a high level of satisfaction in their career. So what makes real estate so much more enjoyable compared with other careers? Let’s review some of the top reasons a career in real estate offers high levels of career happiness.



The majority of jobs in the US demand a very rigid schedule from 8-5pm with very little flexibility. According to, the average American takes a lunch hour of 30 minutes or less. While most US employees receive 10 paid vacation days per year, over 23% of US employees receive NO paid vacation days at all. This rigid schedule and lack of flexibility for vacation and personal time can really take its toll on work satisfaction. This is one reason a career in real estate is so wonderful. You are in control of your own schedule. If you want to take a vacation, or attend a personal appointment during the day, you do it! Clients will ask you to work outside of the typical 8-5pm work day hours, but the beauty of this career is that you determine when you work and when you don’t work. This power to control your schedule can lead to better work/life balance and work happiness.



With all this increased vacation time, you will need more income to take your dream trip. Another great benefit to a career in real estate is the income potential. There are no limits. Your success is truly determined by your own input. It sounds easy, but if you are considering making the jump into real estate, you need to be prepared to put a lot of work into building your business. High income comes in real estate as a result of building a large network of clients who want to work with you. The first few years in real estate can be challenging as you work to build this network. If you focus on the actions and building these relationships, the hard work you put into your career can pay off in big ways with unlimited income potential.



A huge benefit to a career in real estate is the ability to be your own boss. In this business, you have the power to develop your clientele, systems, marketing, and business strategy all under your own plan. If you fail to succeed, the only person you will disappoint or be accountable to is yourself.



Although most people would categorize a career in real estate as a career in sales, this is not really the case. A REALTOR® is an advisor who helps buyers and sellers navigate what is likely the largest financial transaction of their lives. This is important work, and consumers need a REALTOR® who has their best interest at heart and will do a great job of helping them through the process. Once people realize their ability to truly help people in this industry they find even higher levels of fulfillment and purpose in their jobs. In addition to helping consumers, REALTORS® are advocates for their local communities and economies. Many serve on local boards, community development organizations and are actively engaged in promoting the success of the areas they live and work in.



With all of these amazing benefits, how do you make the move to finding career happiness in real estate? The first step is to do your research: find a local real estate school or successful real estate company that can serve as a resource to answering your questions. You will want to know what the local education and licensing requirements are, and also get a better idea of what to expect from a career in real estate in your area. Asking these questions and being prepared up front will only enhance your opportunity for success in the real estate business. Real estate career expert, Lynn Davis, wrote a fantastic book that covers a lot of the questions you should ask when embarking on a career in real estate. You can get a free copy of that book here



Lynn Wheeler | F.C. Tucker Keystone Office Manager, REALTOR®/Broker