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Baby Nursery Must-Haves

Wondering how to prep your nursery for your baby on the way, or pondering what you really need on that baby shower registry? As a mother, your nursery is a place where you’ll spend a ton of time (and perhaps sleepless nights) so you want it to be comfortable and of course have it prepped with everything you need. We’ve compiled a list of some necessities we recommend:


Noise machines

Not only do you want to get some sleep, but you probably will be desperate to get your baby to sleep—and there are sleep aids out there for that! Bed Bath and Beyond carries this $50 Marpac Dohm white noise machine, perfect for naps and bedtime. One setting and available in 5 different colors. For just $10 more, and a step up, Hatch Baby has a sound machine that has more features and can be used as a nightlight. You can control the machine from another room via an app if you forget to turn it on, or want to adjust the volume—or simply set a timer for it to go on and off at the same time every day, whether it’s for time to get up, bath time or bedtime sessions.


Smart Baby Monitor

With an iOS or Android app, the Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor 
allows you to monitor your baby’s heart rate, and check if oxygen levels are too high or too low—all made possible through a “smart sock” that connects to a base station. Notifications keep you in the loop and the socks fit 0-18 months. 


Convertible Crib

Let’s be practical. Invest in a 3-in-1 convertible crib so your baby can grow into the bed even as a toddler. It saves you the time and energy in having to search for a new bed after a few years. This Babyletto on Amazon, less than $400, has the GreenGuard Gold certification, decreasing the risk of chemical exposure and creating a healthier indoor environment for our littles ones. 




Another one of the big furniture purchases. Comfort is key—just like a man has to have his recliner, a mom has got to have a good chair! Mom Loves Best has put together a list of the best chairs, dependent on what you’re looking for—best value, easy to assemble, one that caters to breastfeeding, or another that is best fitting for someone with a bad back. Check out the recommendations.


Hatch Baby Grow Scale  

This easy-to-clean diaper changing pad is waterproof and easy to clean. The fancy part is that the built-in wireless smart scale allows you to record your baby’s weight, growth patterns, feedings, pumping amounts, sleep and diaper changes—all through an app.  


Baby Tracker App

Ok, let’s be honest, your phone is always on you (besides maybe when you have post-baby brain) so we had to include this app! We hear rave reviews that this is a lifesaver for the first-weeks post-partum as it features alarms to help remind you when to feed or give medicine. At this time, your brain is frazzled so you need all the help you can get. If you opt for the app upgrade, you can chart your feedings so you can start to identify patterns.


What would you recommend as some of your latest and favorite, or classic nursery must-haves?