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The 10 Best Bakeries in Indiana and Kentucky

The holidays are a time for family and feasts – and what’s a feast with your family without dessert, right? 

Whether you’re dreaming of dainty gingerbread men for your table or you have your eye on a chocolate Yule log and a few pies, it can be difficult to find time out of your already hectic schedule to do all of the holiday baking.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do so much as turn a knob on the oven or lift a measuring cup on your own behalf – if you know the location of a good bakery. We happen to know where you can find some of the most delectable, delicious desserts in both Indiana and Kentucky – and we’re willing to share. (Fair warning: We are not responsible for what happens to your waistline if you happen to use any of the following information.)

Where Can You Find a Great Bakery in Indiana?

Hoosiers know that good food is key to a great celebration, and they have plenty of small bakeries that are willing to provide your daily bread (along with pies, cookies and other desserts). Five particular area favorites include:

1. Concannon’s – Muncie

Legendary donuts? Delicious danishes? What else is there to say – except that you’ll also find everything from fine, handcrafted chocolates to cookies, cakes, coated pretzels and gourmet popcorn at Concannon’s. This really is one of those “if you know, you know” kinds of places – and you’ll find locals lined out the door.

2. Aunt Beth’s Cookies – Mishawaka

If you’re crazy for cookies, you won’t find any better than those at Aunt Beth’s. For more than 30 years, folks here have been making gourmet cookies from scratch, using old family recipes and top-quality ingredients. Although new owners took over in 2016, they bought the family recipes that were already in use, so the same great tradition (and taste) has been carried forward.

3. Titus Bakery – Westfield

Sure, you can get some ordinary glazed donuts at Titus Bakery, but why would you want that when you can try their Black Forest donuts with a cherry center, white icing and Devil’s food topping? Since the 1950s, the Titus family has been making mouthwatering treats that have won awards all over the state.

4. Marilyn’s Bakery – Hobart

When you turn to Marilyn’s Bakery for your pies, you’re turning to a pro: This bakery produces more than 70,000 pies every year – and you can choose from everything from traditional favorites like apple crumb and chocolate cream to seasonal favorites like “holiday mint” and sweet potato. They also have a delicious array of tea breads, seasonal cookies, cheesecakes and other desserts that will do any table proud.

5. The Flying Cupcake – Indianapolis

The folks at The Flying Cupcake have a lighthearted approach to their designs – but they’re serious about baking. Their signature sugar cookies sell out every day and their cupcakes have won national fame. They have several locations you can visit (and they ship), so don’t hesitate to explore their ever-growing menu.

Where Can You Find a Great Bakery in Kentucky?

Are you trying to cure a craving for something special? Whether it’s bread, cookies or cake, folks in the Bluegrass State know what it takes to run a fantastic bakery. Here are five of the (truly) sweet spots to visit:

1. Bluegrass Baking Company – Lexington

Consistently voted one of the best bakeries in the South, Bluegrass Baking is especially beloved for its daily array of fresh-baked bread. Whether you’re looking for a classic New York-style rye or you want to try their “Drunken Mutt” French-style loaf, their artisan breads and pastries have a mixture of character and sophistication that can’t be denied.

2. Blue Dog Bakery – Louisville

Consistently listed among the most beloved bakeries in the state, these folks turn out over 1,000 loves of artisan bread every single day – and that’s just for starters. Blue Dog Bakery is also known for its sweet treats, such as French macarons, pains au chocolat, schnecken and more. You can even grab a pastry “mystery box” to share.

3. Sweet Matriarch Bakery – Georgetown

When your sweet tooth starts talking, head over to Sweet Matriarch for some of the most amazing cupcakes on this planet – along with a huge array of mini pies, brownies, cheesecake bars and cookies. The real hidden gem, however, might be the “Bourbon Balls,” which are made with real Kentucky Bourbon.

4. Rolling Pin Pastry Shop – Owensboro

The folks at the Rolling Pin Pastry Shop have been in business since 1947, so they know their dough – along with their donuts, brownies, muffins and cookies. Stop in for the snickerdoodles and sweet rolls, but make sure that you take at least a dozen of their red velvet or iced cake donuts home with you to share.

5. Schlabach’s Bakery – Guthrie

Schlabach’s is Amish-owned and they serve up a ton of Old World goodness in everything they make. You’ll find almost anything you might need for your holiday treats here, including pumpkin nut rolls, brownies and bread – plus additional delights, like their homemade jams and jars of local sorghum and honey.

If you’re tempted to feel guilty about buying your baked goods this year instead of rolling out all that dough yourself, remember this: When you shop local bakeries and other local businesses, you’re showing your love for your community and supporting small business owners – and that’s a blessing for everybody!