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Evergreen Fog: 2022’s Color of the Year Will Leave You Feeling Grounded and Serene

Let’s get real: 2020 was one of the roughest years in modern history, and 2021 hasn’t exactly been rosy.
If the thought that 2022 is merely a few short months (okay…weeks) away makes you want to beat a hasty retreat right back into your personal sanctuary space, it’s very possible that the folks at Sherwin-Williams have caught your vibe. They’ve chosen a tranquil, natural shade called “Evergreen Fog SW 9130” as the 2022 Color of the Year.

Why Did Evergreen Fog Get the Nod From Sherwin-Williams?

This gray-meets-green hue is no ordinary color. Instead, it’s part of the “new neutrals” that have been inspiring homeowners and interior designers in recent years with both subtle elegance and a naturistic, organic feel. Like other shades among these new neutrals, Evergreen Fog reflects both the mental and physical moves people are making toward sustainable living and a better work-life balance.

Green, of any shade, is also a color that’s associated with growth and new beginnings. The foggy aspect of this particular hue is emblematic of the idea that we really can’t quite see what’s coming ahead, but we’re all ready to embrace something wholesome and new. 

In the words of Sue Wadden, the Director of Color Marketing, “Evergreen Fog is a sophisticated wash of color for spaces that crave a subtle yet stunning statement shade. Evergreen Fog inspires us to begin again and is a great choice for modern interiors and exteriors.”

In other words: It’s the perfect color if you want to do a little redecorating with your mind on greener, easier days to come. Here are some ideas for where to start:

Add Refinement to Your Dining Room

Are you looking for a great way to encourage healthy dining habits in your household? Or, do you just want to feel good about what you’re already eating? Green shades have been shown to increase appetites while simultaneously promoting healthy eating. 

Experiment with an accent wall behind your dining room table — or paint the corner hutch and those old chairs with Evergreen Fog to see how it transforms your mood at your next meal. You’ll love how refined your holiday feasts look when you break out the good silverware and Grandma’s good china next to this color.

Give Your Home Office a Soothing Backdrop

Home offices have become a huge part of American life in the last few years — and the best part about them is that you get to decide exactly how “office-y” they look (or don’t). While you may still have to put up with a boxy printer and a few electronics, there’s no rule saying you can’t make your office look more like an oasis than a corporate cubicle. 

Paired with natural wood floors, a few live houseplants and a bold piece of art or two, Evergreen Fog on your office walls can either spur your creativity or soothe your spirit, depending on your mood.

Elevate the Entranceway to Your Home

If you’re wanting to experiment with Evergreen Fog but you don’t want to go overboard, why not pick a small area of your home — like your entranceway — to repaint? 

Sure, your entranceway needs to be functional, but it doesn’t have to be dull or drab. Evergreen Fog is such a calm, sophisticated color that it automatically announces to your guests, “This is a peaceful place.” (Plus, it looks great with bronze or brass coat hooks, keyholders and umbrella stands.)

Give Old Furniture an Elegant Upgrade

Maybe you just repainted your living room or bedroom with 2021’s Color of the Year, Urbane Bronze (or some other color) and you have no desire to change it. Well, Evergreen Fog pairs beautifully with other earthy tones, so use it on accent pieces throughout your spaces.

That coffee table you found at a thrift store and those old bookcases that have seen better days can be utterly transformed with a few coats of paint — and Evergreen Fog will fit right in with virtually any kind of natural fiber upholstery, pottery or greenery you already have. 

Set a Mood in Your Upstairs Halls

It’s hard to pick the right color for your upstairs hallways. You don’t want anything too bright and jarring, and you don’t want anything too dark or dismal — and that makes Evergreen Fog just right. 

This soft, natural hue is full of simplicity and charm, which makes it the perfect backdrop for framed photos of your family, hallway mirrors or pieces of art. Its quiet tone can also help everybody in the household settle down and get ready to “nest” for the night after a long, rough day.

Showcase Your Style on Your Porch or Deck

You’re already outside, so why not blur the boundary a bit further between your home and the natural world? There’s no reason in the world that you can’t use Evergreen Fog in exterior paint and use it to transform your sun porch or deck. 

If you really like the look, you can even use this color to add a touch of distinction or old-world charm to your home’s whole exterior by painting your trim and shutters the same shade. 

One of the most brilliant aspects of Evergreen Fog? It’s just versatile enough to look good with any kind of decor you already have — without being bland or boring. Whether you like a simple, modern aesthetic or you’ve embraced a cluttered, vintage “Cottagecore” style, Evergreen Fog can blend right in. With that in mind, let your imagination guide your hand — and your paintbrush.