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Healthy Food Spots in Indy

Are you tired of the super sweet desserts you have been indulging in recently?  Are you planning to turn a new leaf with a healthy New Years resolution?  Well, this article is for you! As Indy has continued to grow, it has gained several fantastic healthy local food spots.  Below we have listed just a few to help you kick that sugary holiday routine.



Committed to the central idea of providing “slow food fast,” executive chefs, Becky Hostetter and John Garnier, created Duos.  This deliciously healthy restaurant has three brick-and-mortar locations (Eskenazi Health, City Market, and International Medical Group) as well as a food truck. Their eclectic menu features everything from cornbread tamale casserole to popcorn tofu.

The Garden Table

Located in the hippest areas of Indianapolis, the Garden Table has undoubtedly been the focal-point of many Instagram posts.  Their Mass Ave and Broad Ripple locations focus on creating delicious local sourced food and fresh juices. The Garden Table’s menu boasts dishes such as the garden benedict. The dish is composed of, “mashed avocado toast, poached eggs, [and] basil hollandaise.”

SoBro Café

When you look up SoBro Café on Google, the words that pop up are, “eclectic, healthy, vegetarian.”  This Southern Broad Ripple hotspot has been creating delectable healthy internationally-focused dishes since 2011.  Beloved by locals, SoBro café has everything from garden maki rolls (zucchini spring rolls) to a dish appropriately named peanut sauce temptation.

Public Greens

If you are from Indianapolis, you will undoubtable recognize the name Café Patachou.  This nationally acclaimed restaurant group features Indy classics such as: Petit Chou and Napolese.  Martha Hoover, the founder, recently created a new restaurant concept called Public Greens and is donating all profits to tackle the issue of food insecurity.  This restaurant has even propelled her to a semi-finalist level in the restaurateurs category of the James Beard awards.

Ezra’s Enlightened Café

Ezra’s Enlightened Café touts a dairy-free, processed sugar-free, GMO-free and gluten-free menu.  Dishes range from raw brownie sundaes to sweet potato quinoa burger wraps.  If you were impressed by that, just you wait! Ezra’s also has its own farm a few minutes away from the café and has an adjacent Wooded Retreat House that you can rent through Air B&B.  They even have food-focused classes and events every month.

Natural Born Juicers

In a market saturated with national juice companies, it is refreshing to have an Indy original.  Natural Born Juicers is an Indy-based company that has four brick-and-mortar locations and another coming to Broad Ripple soon.  Their menu features a myriad of juices and even has juice cleanses available for purchase.  If you have never tried a juice cleanse before, this is a great place to start!

Three Carrots

If you look up the best vegetarian restaurants in Indianapolis, Three Carrots is always topping the list.  The restaurant currently has two locations: City Market and Fountain Square.  In both locations, they serve up delectable vegetarian, vegan, and 100% plant-based cuisine. Dish names range from “Pardon My Polenta Sticks” to “Seitan Banh Mi.”  If you were wondering what “seitan” was, I looked it up!  It is a wheat gluten and is often nicknamed “wheat meat” or “wheat protein.”

Pure Eatery

Pure Eatery is a restaurant committed to making everything from scratch and utilizing local vendors like Lick Ice Cream and the Amazing Potato Chip Co. for supplementary items.  They have three locations: Fountain Square, Fishers, and Lafayette.  Dishes range from Blackened Tilapia tacos to Bourbon Peanut Shrimp Wraps.  This is certainly a gem within the Indianapolis health food scene and is worth checking out!

The Healthy Food Café

The Healthy Food Café is perhaps the healthiest place on our list as it is gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan.  Don’t think this is possible?  You will have to check out their food in one of several ways.  They have a brick-and-mortar location located on Emerson Avenue and a food truck name “The Healthy Food Truck” roaming the streets of Indianapolis.  If that was not enough, they also offer meal prep and catering services.


Did one of these restaurants catch your eye and make your stomach rumble?  We encourage you to grab the car keys and check it out.  Leave us a comment below to let us know where your taste buds take you!