10 Treats Along The Monon
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10 Treats Along The Monon

There is nothing quite like riding a bike on the Monon Trail and meeting up with friends for delicious foodie treats. While this may sound like fantastical fantasy, it is a cherished activity for many central Indiana residents.  

If you do not know already, the Monon Trail is 23.1 miles and goes all the way from Sheridan to Indianapolis.  It is the perfect place to run/walk/bike for a perfect summer adventure. The Monon Trail would not be complete without all the fantastic restaurants, shops, and stores adjacent to the Trail.

Today, we are going to highlight some of these establishments to make your next trail trek a truly memorable experience.


Nicey TreatBroad Ripple

Yes, all your childhood wishes and dreams are coming true today – Nicey Treat is an establishment that sells popsicles!  These are no mere grocery store popsicles. Nicey Treat creates popsicle flavors such as sweet corn, mango ginger, and not so hot chocolate.  They even selling pies (though these may be easily transportable if you are on a bike)!

Just “Pop” In!Broad Ripple

This establishment has perhaps the most creative name on the list in that it sells delicious gourmet popcorn.  Fun flavors include spicy ginger curry, caramel bacon & Cheddar, and Bavarian cheese & pretzel ale. Don’t worry, they still have the classics as well!  Be on the lookout for their new beautiful store on Cornell Avenue.

Rail Epicurean Market – Westfield

Though this hot spot is a little off the Monon, it is too fantastic not to include on our list.  Rail Epicurean Market or “Rail” for short, is a beloved Westfield restaurant that serves up many tasty innovative dishes.    Lunch items include mouth-watering sandwiches like the Challah melt and the Ham & Brie. They even have a mini food market to satisfy your foodie needs!

Rene’s Bakery – Broad Ripple

This gem of a bakery is simply the best if you are craving a sweet delicious snack.  Known for their croissants and brioche loaves, there is truly something for everyone. Make sure that you check their times beforehand as they are only open to customers Friday-Sunday.  They even have a second location in Noblesville within Broccoli Bills!

Festiva – Indianapolis

Festiva is a place known for its mouth-watering delicious Mexican food.  Located right off the Monon trail, this is the perfect place to stop if you are craving some carne asada or guacamole.  After all, they do call their guacamole the, “best guacamole in town.” If that did not convince you, George Munoz, the creator of La Chinita Poblano (Broad Ripple taco shop), just came on Festiva’s staff.

Gallery Pastry Shop – Broad Ripple

This well-hidden gem is beloved by those who know it.  The Gallery Pastry Shop is lauded for its French macaroons and exquisite pastries.   With all their delicious treats, it is hard to think that anyone would leave empty handed.  They even have a monthly French macaron subscription service where customers can opt to have six or twelve delivered monthly.

Bub’s Burgers – Carmel

With so many burger joints in central Indiana, it is easy to get lost in the Yelp reviews.  If I may say so myself, Bub’s has the best old fashioned burgers around. Well cooked, perfectly seasoned and topped with a delicious toasted bun, these burgers cannot be beat.  They even have a burger called the “Big Ugly” aptly named given its 1-pound weight after it is cooked!

Public Greens – Broad Ripple

Created by the same restaurateur as Café Patachou and Napolese, this place already has some great credentials.  Located right off the Monon trail, Public Greens is, “a farm-market inspired urban cafeteria and microfarm.” If you were not sold already, they also give all their profits to the Patachou Foundation, working to solve child hunger.

Now that your stomach is growling, it is time to dust off that bike, break out those running shoes, and get going on your own tasty Monon adventure.