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ABC’s of Indiana

First of all, I just want to say that I think Indiana is awesome. This corn-loving, flat, Midwest state is a wonderful place to live and is my beloved home.  That is why we, at F.C. Tucker, thought we would create an ode to Indiana in the form of Indiana’s ABCs.


ALBANESE CONFECTIONARY GROUP – If you have not heard of this place, get in your car now and drive up to its factory in Merrillville.  Albanese gummy bears are touted to be the World’s Best gummies. Yep folks, this 30-year business is all right here in Indiana!

BREWERIES – So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but craft breweries appear to be popping up every day around the state of Indiana.  The Brewers of Indiana Guild reported that there are over 150 craft breweries in Indiana employing nearly 8,000 full-time employees.

CORN – I, of course, had to mention corn because what would Indiana be without this important agricultural staple?  Last year, 5,350,000 acres of corn were planted. Of course, soybeans are in large production as well with 5,950,000 acres planted.

DUNES – What are these famous Indiana Dunes?  Imagine 15 miles of coastline along the southern tip of Lake Michigan.  Not to mention, more than 70 miles of hiking and biking trails throughout the surrounding area.  

ENTERTAINMENT – Not sure if you heard, but Taylor Swift was just in town on her concert tour.  Casual. Indiana hosts many artists in its numerous fantastic venues with everything from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse to Clowes Memorial Hall.

FOOD – So, I know I am not the first one to say this, but Indiana has some pretty fantastic restaurants.  Don’t believe me? Recognize any of these names: Bluebeard, Milktooth, Beholder, Goose the Market, FARM, and The Loft at Trader’s Point Creamery?

GOLFING – With many wonderful courses, there is no reason not to break out your golf clubs this Fall.  Indiana boasts many famous courses such as Brickyard Crossing by Pete and Alice Dye. Normal golf too slow for you?  Try the super interactive new golf activity in Fishers – Top Golf!

HOOSIER – Believe it or not, the origin of the word “Hoosier” is still an unsettled matter.  Many think it was due to John Finley’s 1833 poem, “The Hooseir’s Nest.” Regardless of the various arguments, it is a title we proudly stand by today.

IRT – The Indianapolis Reparatory Theater, better known as the IRT, has been creating, “the highest quality of professional theatre artistry,” for the past 45 years.  Be sure to go to one of their upcoming shows to see what we mean!

JW MARRIOT – Speaking of Indianapolis, the largest hotel in downtown is the JW Marriot.  Boasting over 1,000 rooms, it hosts many conferences and large entertainment events throughout the year, certainly pulling in a lot of events for the state!

KEEP INDIANAPOLIS BEAUTIFUL – Not sure if you have heard of this fantastic Indianapolis non-profit, but if you have not, check out an article we wrote a while back here:

LIMESTONE – Not to brag, but Indiana has been, “noted to have the highest quality quarried limestone in the United States.”  There is even a whole Indiana Limestone month dedicated to celebrating Indiana Limestone in Monroe and Lawrence Counties.

MUSEUMS – We talk about Indiana museums a lot here on our blog.  Today is no different. Indiana museums rock with fantastic museums such as the Eiteljorg Museum, Indiana State Museum, Indiana Historical Society, and Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

NASHVILLE – You may be thinking, “Nashville?  Wait aren’t we talking about Indiana?” Well, Nashville Indiana is within Brown County, better known as the beautiful, quaint, hilly part of Indiana.  Treat yourself and take a trip to Nashville in Autumn – you won’t regret it!

OPENING – I know this word may be a bit unusual, but it feels like Indiana is opening a lot of new things.  Just in June, Jonathan Brooks, chef of the acclaimed restaurant Milktooth, opened his new restaurant Beholder.  It was listed as one of Eater’s most anticipated restaurant openings in the nation. Way to get some national attention for Indy foodies!

PARKS – Indiana boasts many natural wonders with beautiful parks such as Hoosier National Forrest and Brown County State Park.  Not to mention, the many breath-taking rivers and lakes that are distributed throughout the state.

QUALIFICATION DAY – I don’t know if you know, but the Indianapolis 500 is casually called, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing.”  Qualification Day is part of this whole soirée with numerous drivers vying for the coveted 33 spots in the race.

RUN THE MINI MARATHON – I know this one is slightly cheating given that we used the word “run,” but we couldn’t simply not include the Mini Marathon.  With 35,000 racers in the Mini-Marathon, it is the largest half-marathon in the United States.

SPORTS – Indiana has certainly been blessed with great sports teams such as the Colts, Pacers, Fever, Indians and Fuel.  Be sure to go to one of these wonderful Indy games soon to support your hometown teams!

TENDERLOIN – We simply could not do an article about the ABCs of Indiana without mentioning our famous tenderloin sandwiches.  You know – those delicious sandwiches made from pork loin pounded with a mallet, breaded, deep fried, and topped with a bun?

UNIVERSITIES – Indiana has some pretty fantastic universities with national names like Indiana University, Purdue, Notre Dame, and Butler.  These universities make up a large industry within the state of Indiana, employing scores of people every year.

VOICES – Indiana can boast some pretty famous voices.  People like David Letterman, James Dean, and Michael Jackson grew up in Indiana and went on to develop powerful voices that influenced the world.

WEST BADEN SPRINGS – Do yourself a favor and book a night at the West Baden Springs Hotel or the French Lick Resort.  These two hotels exemplify luxury with their historic grand atriums and world-class accommodations.

XMAS – The spirit of Christmas is perfectly exemplified in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Not only does this city have Santa-themed shops, they also receive all the letters addressed to Santa each year from the U.S. Postal Service.  A group of dedicated volunteers known as “Santa’s Elves” ensures that every child gets a reply.

YEARLY STATE FAIR – The State Fair is an unmissable event within the state of Indiana each year.  This past year, we even did a piece on the fair. Check it out here:

ZOO – I know, you already predicted it.  I would just have to use the Indianapolis Zoo for my “Z” item.  The Indianapolis Zoo is a fantastic place to view and learn about nature’s awe-inspiring creatures.  In fact, they just opened an exhibit about long-tailed macaques!

We are sure that we missed a few clever ideas for Indiana’s ABCs, so if you have any additional suggestions, send them our way.  We are always looking for ways to celebrate our great state of Indiana!