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Burnettsville Homes for Sale

Homes for Sale in Burnettsville, Indiana

Burnettsville is about as welcoming as it gets. Burnettsville is home to a unique history that stretches back well into the days of the mid-19th century. Residents here are proud of this tradition with a local events calendar that exemplifies community spirit and action. Some of the finest events include yearly 5Ks, Community Day, and more.

Burnettsville sits right on US-24, just north of the Wabash River. Burnettsville residents have access to a wide array of leisure activities with beautiful natural recreation areas, access to great cities like Indianapolis or Chicago, and even the Great Lakes. It's easy to get from Burnettsville to just about everywhere.

If you're looking to settle down in a welcoming community, consider making a move out to Burnettsville. If you like what you've heard so far, just talk to a Tucker realtor. Our realtors know all there is to know about homes for sale in Burnettsville, and they will be happy to help you find a property that will become home to you.


Burnettsville Area Homes

Burnettsville's homes come in all shapes and styles with plenty of different historical areas represented in a diverse aesthetic landscape. The streets here include everything from New England colonial style houses to more modern and simple constructions. No matter where you go, you'll find neighborhoods with diverse buildings rather than the same cookie-cutter models that dominate much of America. With such a wide range of styles, you're sure to find a home that fits your needs and wants. Mention your preference to a Tucker realtor, and they will point you toward a home that suits your taste.


Shopping and Dining

Burnettsville's shopping options are varied with something for nearly every taste. Whether you stay in town or make a 15-20 minute drive to the two neighboring cities, Logansport and Monticello, you're sure to find plenty of amazing shops. Some of the best local stores include Pulse Music, Country Bakery, and LoVe's Gifts. Monticello features the CDC Thrift Shop, Roth Jewelers, and Roberts Floral and Gifts plus Ice Cream Shop, a real treat for the little ones.

Dining is Burnettsville is a pleasant experience. The region is known for its fine hospitality, and you are sure to find delicious food served up with a smile no matter where they go. Burnettsville's classic choice is the B-Vill Diner where classic American flavors are served up on dishes piled high with food. Other top local eats include Esmeralda's and Beaver's Pub, both of which are located right by the river. Another top choice is Amelio and Ike's, which sits on the Wabash in Logansport.


Culture and Entertainment

When Burnettsville's citizens have a day off, many head to the Wabash River. The river offers a host of leisure activities, ranging from fishing to boating. Plenty of rental stores allow outdoor lovers to access kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft. Much of the river is navigable, and there's nothing quite like spending a sunny day coasting up or down the smooth expanse of the Wabash.

Burnettsville is also home to the annual Community Day, which takes place during the third weekend of September, coinciding with the most colorful time of year. Community Day starts with the Fireman's breakfast and includes garage sales, a ham and bean luncheon, parades, and a fish fry. The event brings people from all over the community together to celebrate their connection over the simple joys of food, game, and conversation.

The Great Lakes are not too far away for a day or weekend trip. Indiana borders the southern tip of Lake Michigan that is filled with great recreation activities that appeal to families, college-aged youngsters, and retirees. Beautiful beaches swell during the warm summer months, and many cities offer a host of cultural events, concerts, and more.

Indianapolis is a little less than two hours away and offers the finest urban delights in all of Indiana. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosts some of the world's finest racing events while plenty of concerts, plays, and other arts events draw crowds from all over the state. Shopping and dining options abound with plenty of exotic flavors and imported finery to be had. Plenty of museums, parks, and a zoo round out the package. There's simply something for everyone in Indianapolis.


Careers and Industry

With huge green fields that expand outward on all sides of the city, it’s no wonder that Burnettsville's main industry is agriculture. Trained farm labor and skilled mechanical expertise is always desired since the upkeep on farm equipment can be tricky to maintain. However, thanks to the proximity of Logansport, Monticello, and other towns, many different jobs are within a short drive of city limits. Your Tucker realtor may be able to help you select a home that cuts down on your commute time.



Burnettsville's students start their education at Eastlawn Elementary, located right in town. They pick up the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic as well as learning basic social skills. After those early years, they move on to Roosevelt Middle School in nearby Monticello. At Roosevelt, kids connect with other students from nearby small towns. Finally, at Twin Lakes High School in Monticello, students round out their education with a rigorous academic calendar, often coupled with extracurricular activities that span varsity sports, arts, and civics.

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